Harvey Weinstein case: the latest news

Scandalous stories are quite common in Hollywood, but October 05, 2017 was very special and it was in New York that it all started. Indeed, on October 05, 2017, it was the New York Times who revealed that several women accuse the very illustrious producer Harvey Weinstein of harassment and sexual assault. Following these serious revelations, the whole world rebelled and today, here is the continuation of this affair…

Back to the facts


On October 05, 2017, the New York Times reveals to the world that it has been almost 3 decades that the producer has harassed and assaulted actresses and that with his team, he regularly stifles these affairs. Unfortunately for the producer, languages are loosening and the testimonies of victims are multiplying and some testimonies are even made public.

The New Yorker then takes a serious look at the case and releases the names of the alleged victims as well. The celebrities victims of the man in question start to speak, movements are created on social networks and demonstrations against men who have the same behavior are organized. In short, it was a very well-followed affair and it still is.

In 2018, the first rape charge in 2013 was made official, as was a sexual assault in 2004, in the person of Lucia Evans. Following this, you could say that it was raining complaints against Harvey Weinstein. In 2019, Annabella Sciorra accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault in 1993 and his case becomes complicated. He even had to change the team of lawyers.

The verdict

On February 24, 2020, the verdict fell, Harvey Weinstein was convicted of sexual assault and rape by the Manhattan jury. Unfortunately, there will be no conviction for the most serious charges and the jury did not recognize his “predatory” behavior. Harvey Weinstein is said to have spent 25 years in prison, according to rumors. As a reminder, this man attacked more than 80 women and three of them suffered aggravated rape.

We will know more about the man’s final sentence next March 11, but for the moment, according to rumors, he could actually spend 25 years in prison. Officially, his stay in prison could last between 5 and 29 years. In general, the public is quite satisfied with the jury’s decision, however, some victims are punished and rightly so. Indeed, despite the testimony of some victims, the audience believed that the jury simply decided to close their eyes.