The 5 most beautiful natural places in France to visit absolutely!

Going on vacation nowadays means going as far as possible and cheaply. This is why many French people fly to other countries during their annual holidays. But what we sometimes forget is that our country also has magnificent places and breathtaking landscapes. Here are some examples of places to visit in France, some of which you never knew were in the country.

1. Le Mont Blanc, Chamonix


This mountain is world famous and many athletes try to climb it every year. Mont Blanc is located in the Alps and is the highest peak in Western Europe at 4809 meters. You can enjoy breathtaking mountain views and try out the winter sports that liven the ski resorts for half the year.

2. Dune du Pilat, Arcachon Bay

The Dune du Pilat is located at the entrance to the Arcachon basin in Gironde. It is a huge dune that contains 55 million cubic meters of sand and stretches for several kilometers. It is the highest dune in Europe. More than 2 million visitors go to the top of the dune every year to admire the view of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. The cliffs of Étretat, Normandy

This is an unusual place that is known globally. The cliffs are hollowed out by the sea, resulting in an atypical and picturesque view that millions of tourists come to admire every year. Over the years, various famous poets and painters have identified this landscape as the source of their inspiration. You do not want to miss it!

4. The Gorges du Verdon, PACA region

This is one destination that will totally leave you speechless. Turquoise blue waters from the southern seas flow between the hidden gorges, resulting in a picturesque view. The Verdon river crosses mountain ranges for almost 200 kilometres, so you are guaranteed accommodation in strategic places along the river.

5. Porquerolles island, Hyères islands


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