The 4 actors who best embodied James Bond in the cinema

Ian Fleming’s cult hero on the big screen had his own style, chic and sober, and always confident. Few men have had the chance to play this role in the cinema, and the actors who were able to play this role have all brought their style and class to the most chic spy of all time. Here are the actors who had the honor of playing James Bond in the cinema.

1. Sean Connery


He is the first to have embodied the character of James Bond. He will remain for a whole generation the one who best represents the English spy. The charm and the virility of the actor allowed him to appropriate the character that is James Bond. It was a role that propelled him into notoriety because Sean Connery was not as well known at the time. This role opened the doors of the world of cinema to him. He played in 6 films in which he played the British spy.

2. Roger Moore

Roger Moore was the first choice of Ian Fleming, the writer of the James Bond saga. But not being available at the time of the first film, he hadn’t been able to play the role of James Bond earlier. But no question of refusing a second time, and it was in 1973 that Roger Moore incarnated the British spy until 1985, after 7 films having played with elegance and humor the very famous James Bond. He was the one who participated in the greatest number of films under the role of the hero and it is the idea that Ian Fleming had of James Bond at the base.

3. Pierce Brosnan

Attractive and charismatic, Pierce Brosnan is the one who made spectators want to turn to James Bond following the departure of Roger Moore. He therefore had an interest in being up to par and we can say that he made a breakthrough entry into the world of 007 by playing the hero in the cult film “GoldenEye” in 1995. He will play James Bond for 4 films before give way to the next.

4. Daniel Craig

He is the James Bond of modern times. However, he had not been well received by the public, who saw Daniel as a Russian spy rather than an English spy because of his blond hair and his clear eyes. He nevertheless charmed the crowds with his beautiful look and his chic appearance, but who knows how to be sensitive and fragile. His interpretation of James Bond is quite somber but also the most realistic.