Two-year-old girl drowns in her parents’ garden

On Saturday July 25, 2020, the inhabitants of Vaucluse were shaken by a dramatic news that leaves no one indifferent. A little girl, just two years old, drowned inside a swimming pool in her parents’ garden.



While the trend is heat, most everyone is looking for a little cooler. With this in mind, what could be better than beaches or private swimming pools? But social distancing measures oblige, private swimming pools happen to be the best solution.

Although the space is not considerable and the water level is easily controlled, it is very common for children to drown in these pools. This is what happened in a house in Vaucluse. While her parents had installed an inflatable pool in their backyard for her, a two-year-old girl died of drowning in the pool.


This terrible drama has not finished raising questions here and there. The water level, which only reached about fifty centimeters, being quite low, public opinion is still wondering how this could have happened.

The firefighters who arrived as quickly as possible, paired with a SMUR team failed to resuscitate the little child. The competent authorities have taken up this matter in order to shed light and determine the circumstances of this accident.


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