How to properly prepare a roadtrip

As the state begins to ease restrictions, maybe it’s time to think about hitting the road to explore the country! Why not ? Here are some important elements to take into account if you want to go on a road trip this summer …

Plan ahead

Before hitting the road, know your specific plan: Where will you go, how will you get there, where will you stay, what will you do when you arrive, are you comfortable in the public toilets?


Also, do you have enough wipes, masks and disinfectants, where will you eat? Call the location you plan to go to in advance. Ask a manager how they keep people safe. Find out about refund policies, if they are reducing the number of people to help prevent the spread of the virus, what cleaning protocols are in place, and if there is a quarantine requirement in the area. Ask if staff and guests are tested for the virus. Now is not the time for surprises – it’s best to know that before you go.

Do your research

Do some research online and read recent reviews. Did the hotel have any issues with too many people gathered around the pool not wearing masks?

Is bedding washed between guests? Did the restaurant have tables spaced two meters apart and paper menus to prevent spread? Has there recently been an outbreak of the virus at the destination you are going to be going to? Does the desired destination have reduced hours and, if so, what are these times? Every city is different and you need to know in advance what the quarantine requirements are if you are crossing a city’s borders and then follow those rules. Having a good time in the summer is great, but nobody wants to come home sick, do they?

Equip yourself!

Masks are required in many public places and when you are outdoors and cannot get away from society.

Masks may be required in places like hotel lobbies, swimming pools, and even RV areas. For your information, masks not only protect you, but they also protect others, in case you get sick. Communicate with your family; talk with all of your family who will be on the trip and make sure they understand that while it will be a fun trip, it won’t be the same carefree summer vacation they’ve been able to enjoy over the years previous ones. This summer, a historic pandemic is underway and while fun is important, public safety is paramount.