Princess Diana’s face is said to be closest to Greek idea of physical perfection, plastic surgeon says

Have you ever wondered who is the most beautiful woman in the world? What would she look like? While we all have our own perception of beauty, there are universal beauties, recognized by everyone (or almost).

The mathematical calculation of beauty


Dr Julian De Silva, a British cosmetic surgeon has looked into the topic of beauty using scientific methods. According to The Sun, a famous English magazine, the doctor has set up a computerized facial mapping software that can calculate the perfect shape of the human face. He even carried out the first tests with his computer robot. You will be amazed after seeing the results.

The face closest to perfect beauty

After performing tests on members of royal families across the world, he got mind-boggling results. At the top of its ranking, the late Princess Diana would have the face closest to perfection.

The mother of princes William and Harry was also recognized for her legendary beauty which turned heads around the world. According to the golden ratio of beauty (“the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi”), she obtained a score of 89%.

The other personalities who came in the top 5 are: Queen Rania of Jordan with 88.9% in 2nd position; Grace Kelly with 88.8% in 3rd place; in fourth position, we find Meghan Markle with 87.4%; and finally, Kate Middleton is ranked in 5th place.


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