An Ultra Fast Ritual That Allows You To Lose Weight 2 Times Faster

This is THE new phenomenon that took the diet industry by surprise and is spreading like wildfire in France …

The lives (and shapes!) Of hundreds of overweight people have apparently been transformed by a little-known method that Hollywood stars have long used to lose weight and quickly build a dream body for the needs. of a film.

It must be said that until now, yo-yo diets have unfortunately been the norm when it comes to weight loss.

So much so that recent studies from the American Medical Association (1) and the University of UCLA in California a (2) have shown – after testing 53 diet programs – that they are completely useless and that I quotes:

“Slimming diets do not result in any weight loss or health benefits for most people… Worse still, 41% of people who follow them end up gaining more weight than before their diet. ”

But at the origin of this small revolution which shakes up the established order, we find a certain Chris Lorenz, life coach and best-selling author published by Albin Michel Vuibert.

It was in the course of extensive research to help some of his patients solve the relationship problems associated with their uncontrolled weight gain that Lorenz discovered a counterintuitive but apparently very effective solution to losing weight and keeping it off.

He tells us:

“I have scoured over 300 clinical studies and interviewed leading experts in nutrition and health […] I am really satisfied with the initial results given the radical and rapid transformation that I have already observed in more of a hundred patients ”.

This discovery, researchers now call “the Hollywood hormone”.

Our body naturally produces this hormone in large quantities when we are young but after the thirties and especially the forties, we produce much less.

It is by stimulating the production of this hormone in the body that people 40 years of age and over can effectively lose weight again.

As Mr. Lorenz reveals:

The secret of this solution is based on two pillars:

  • First, it is about avoiding a dozen so-called “healthy” foods that most nutritionists recommend … But which actually promote fatigue, cellular aging and weight gain by reducing the amounts of the weight loss hormone in your body.
  • Second, adopt a ritual of a few simple movements to do for 5 minutes before bed to stimulate the production of weight loss hormone while sleeping.

By respecting these principles, hundreds of patients have seen impressive transformations, and above all lasting, which is most important to me. ”

Lorenz even went further. He decided to post a video to let the general public know about his scientific breakthrough.

In this video, he lifts the veil on these foods whose benefits the agri-food industry touts when in reality they hamper any attempt at weight loss. It also reveals the little celebrity-famous end-of-day ritual that changes everything when it comes to weight loss.

Watch the presentation by clicking on the image below:

This tongue-in-cheek video spread across the web like wildfire, with tens of thousands of views in just a few hours.

Not surprisingly, the testimonies were quick to pour in:

“It seems to me more scientifically based and effective than 99% of what I had seen so far to lose weight. I’m trying tonight. ”

“Thank you for breaking so many taboos around weight loss with these supposedly healthy foods that big brands and supermarkets are trying to sell us at all costs. “.

About the sudden and unexpected success of his viral video, Chris gave us one last amazing confession:

“Of course it makes me happy that so many French people have seen this video. It was time for the general public to know and for people to stop going broke chasing quick fixes. But at the same time, I think you have to keep expectations realistic, as with everything.

On the other hand, I am not sure that the weight loss industry is delighted that France and Europe are waking up to an effective, sustainable weight loss method … and which seriously endangers its indecent profits !!

And given their influence and their considerable resources, it doesn’t say that I can keep this video online for long. ”

Watch the presentation here >>