The incredible change of look of Kristen Stewart!

The Twilight saga actress, Kristen Stewart, has gone through several looks and still does not seem to have found her own style. This may be good news for some of her fans who are looking forward to what she may have in store for them! From blonde to brown in both long and short hair, she has really tried everything.

Here’s Kristen Stewart’s evolution over the last few years.



It’s been several years now since Kristen Stewart switched from her long brown hair in the Twilight movies. The role was a fresh start for Kristen, who acknowledges that her acting career take off following her success as a vampire. But it took a whole new look for her to get away from the role she had played for many years.


After separating from Robert Pattinson, her colleague from Twilight, Kristen underwent a great transformation. She decided to dye her hair red and also opted for a very short cut. As you can see below, the look was very edgy. Her makeup was also much more pronounced, giving her a darker and more adult look.


In 2015, she became the first American actress to win a César for a film by Olivier Assayas. Her style that year became a little more glamorous, especially during events. But she still kept the rebel / rock’n roll look that she likes very much.


Here, she wears her new blonde hair colour with pride, and we can say that it suits her. Her beautiful green eyes are highlighted, in line with the rebellious chic side that she seems to have adopted for some time now. She also goes from a short cut to a very very short cut. Some may even say that she looked like a tomboy.


In 2017, she finally announced her homosexuality to millions of viewers during an American show in which she was presenting. She now goes out with a model from Victoria secret, Stella Maxwell, with whom she seems to have the perfect love. Here we see Kristen in her short blond hair that she seems to find to her liking …

We are very far from the little shy Bella Swan, but it’s a change that seems to suit the actress and fits her like a glove!