Dolphins Surround Swimmer; When He Looks Down He Understands Why

When taking on the treacherous waters of the chilly ocean, champion swimmers have a lot on their minds. While they are aware that lots of dangerous marine animals roam the waters (it is their territory after all) they don’t really think too much about it – perhaps to block it out. When this man set out to swim in Cook Strait in New Zealand, he had no idea he was about to get the fright of a lifetime. He was surrounded by a group of dolphins, but was horrified when he looked down and realized why they were there. Read on to find out what happened after he looked down!

1. A Sportsman From the Get-Go

Growing up in Nottingham, U.K., Adam Walker always enjoyed sports. During his teen years, he excelled as a rugby and cricket player in school and loved playing alongside his older brother. His dad Peter was always cheering on his boys on the sidelines.


Unfortunately, Adam had to give up on those sports as a result of back and knee injuries. This is when he turned to swimming, a sport he was just as adept in. In fact, Adam was so good that he began to swim competitively. Adam might not have been aware of it yet, but this sport would serve as the start to some pretty wild adventures for him, and there was one particular adventure that would change his life forever.


2. When Duty Calls

By the time Adam Walker left university, he knew he needed to make a solid living and decided to follow in the footsteps of his family and embark on a career in sales. His smart and dedicated nature helped him move up the ladder, and before he knew it, he landed a respectable title as a national salesman.

Walker was meeting his targets and making a name for himself. After all, his competitive nature hailed from his days as a sportsman. However, he felt something was missing in his life. He had this nagging feeling at the back of his mind.