“Rabbit Boy” Was Mocked By Bullies, 10 Years Later He Surprises Everyone

Going to the dentist to keep our mouths in good health is something we can’t avoid. We’re always told how important it is to brush our teeth at night before we go to bed, but there are still so many of us who avoid taking the dreaded trip to the dentist.


Dentophobia’ – the fear of the dentist – is a lot more common than you think. If you do suffer from dentophobia, then making yourself an appointment and taking yourself along to sit in the dentist’s chair can take a lot of courage. As one young boy certainly knows all too well.

No laughing matter

Of course, we all know the importance of having aligned teeth. As we reach our teenage years, it’s common practice for us to be given braces to allow our teeth to straighten as we grow up.

Although they might hurt at first, it’s all worth it in the end when you have a lovely smile staring back at you in the mirror. Something this boy could only dream off, and that is what he struggled for.


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