The Top Countries Where You Can Retire on $150K

How to retire in Vietnam

Vietnamese health care is good for basic needs, but the country is not popular for specialized care or surgeries. It would also be wise to check if there are any conventions between your country and Vietnam.


Vietnam does not have a retirement visa, but US citizens can get a one-year multiple-entry visa that will need to be renewed. This requires you to leave the country once every 90 days. For French expatriates, you must obtain a visa to be able to stay in Vietnam. For stays longer than three months, a residence permit is required.

16. Ecuador

For years, Ecuador has established itself as one of the most popular retirement destinations for American expats, and the majority of foreign retirees in the country are Americans.

With its pristine natural surroundings, bustling towns, charming historic towns and low cost of living, there is something for everyone in Ecuador. In the capital, Quito, you’ll spend around $440 per month to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the middle of the city. In the quaint and welcoming town of Cuenca, the same will set you back around $360 per month, reports the Numbeo website.