The Top Countries Where You Can Retire on $150K

How to retire in Uruguay

Uruguay has several visas that might work for retirees. The first is the rentista visa, which requires proof of monthly income of $1,500 for a single applicant.


There is also a foreign retiree visa which allows the duty-free importation of your personal effects. But this visa is more difficult to obtain and you would need a lawyer to help you apply. It should be noted that while obtaining residency in Uruguay is quite straightforward, the country usually does not want to give citizenship to foreigners.

12. France

France isn’t the first destination you think of for a cheap retirement, but several of its small towns are known for their affordable accommodation. Read on to find out how you can retire in France.

The city of Pau, which sits near the Spanish border, has mild winters and summers, and a one-bedroom apartment in the city center rents for around $531 a month. A good dinner for two costs around $53, according to Numbeo. The charming Mediterranean university town of Montpellier is also very reasonably priced. Renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost between $500 and $700. Pau and Montpellier both have excellent healthcare and hospitals.