91-Year-Old Woman’s Visit To The Doctor Reveals She’s Been Pregnant for 60 Years

A Desperate Trip To The Hospital

Thinking it was just an ordinary abdominal pain, the old lady really didn’t expect to find out the strange news. Indeed, after a fall due to headaches and severe diarrhea, the old lady was taken urgently to the Claudio Vicuña Hospital in San Antonio, located 60 km from her home, in order to check what was wrong. She was scared so she asked help from a friend to take her to the hospital. What she discovered there surprised her and the doctors. They couldn’t believe what was happening.


It had become obvious to Estela that her body was giving way, as performing basic tasks alone began to require a lot of effort. She contacted her friend and pleaded for a ride to the Claudio Vicuña hospital in San Antonio. It was no simple four blocks away to see her doctor, but would require finding someone who could take her on a journey of 40 miles. Her body was in pain so she didn’t have other choice, actually she felt deep inside it was the right moment to go to the hospital. She couldn’t stay any longer in this state. Her body was telling her something… so she went to the hospital to discover what was hidden in her organism.


Estela will collapse at home the majority of the time and her body was slowing down considerably. She was aware that she needed to see a doctor. She was given a full-body x-ray at the hospital in San Antonio, and it was during this procedure that they discovered something shocking. The physicians who treated her assumed they were looking at a second tumor, one they had not seen. Estela couldn’t believe what she discovered and the doctors neither. It was a surprisingly news.

Concerned over the fall, the doctor wanted to put Estela through a full body x-ray. An X-ray, or, much less commonly,X-radiation, is a penetrating form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation. At her age, the doctor knew that she really couldn’t afford to take any heavy damage. So he advised to quickly realize a scan to discover exactly the cause of her symptoms. Physical symptoms are always relevant signs of a hidden illness. It was during the x-ray process that they would discover something that would leave them deeply startled. By analyzing the results, the doctors discovered a white spot on his abdomen …


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