12 tips for growing tomatoes this summer

12. Plant the tomato plants deeply

Summer is synonymous with holidays, a time for yourself, so how about a little gardening. There is nothing better than growing your own vegetables, you know what you eat and you get some kind of pride somewhere. 


Tomatoes require more water than most plants. When planting your tomatoes, make sure that the roots of these tomatoes are buried deep in the soil. Depth is important because by doing this, the roots will be able to absorb more water. Try to bury them as deep as possible to get nice tomatoes!

11. Cut the bottom leaves

Contamination of plants is a real ordeal, to prevent this it is important to maintain your plants daily.

You can start by cutting the leaves from the bottom, not only will this prevent a contamination that will ruin weeks of waiting, but doing so will make it easier for the sun to reach your plan.


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