12 tips for growing tomatoes this summer

12. Plant the tomato plants deeply

Summer is synonymous with holidays, a time for yourself, so how about a little gardening. There is nothing better than growing your own vegetables, you know what you eat and you get some kind of pride somewhere. 


Tomatoes require more water than most plants. When planting your tomatoes, make sure that the roots of these tomatoes are buried deep in the soil. Depth is important because by doing this, the roots will be able to absorb more water. Try to bury them as deep as possible to get nice tomatoes!

11. Cut the bottom leaves

Contamination of plants is a real ordeal, to prevent this it is important to maintain your plants daily.

You can start by cutting the leaves from the bottom, not only will this prevent a contamination that will ruin weeks of waiting, but doing so will make it easier for the sun to reach your plan.

10. Take mulching

Make a visit to your favorite garden store and buy a mulch package or two. Tomatoes need water and heat, mulching will act as a barrier against the elements, so you get wet and hot soil at a time. The perfect recipe for healthy tomatoes!

9. Go for copper

Snails and slugs are a problem that dates back to the dawn of time. While going to the store, you have probably come across several chemicals that promise miracles against the insects of the genre. But these products are far from good for health and can often reach astronomical sums. Just go for copper. Surround each plant with a copper band or tube to keep unwanted people away.

8. Use a tutor

There are different types of guardians, but choosing a cage-type guardian seems to be the best solution. The cage will better contain tomatoes and like all stakes it will help your plants to grow while protecting them from the wind. Regarding the choice of material, we recommend a metal construction rather than plastic.

7. Make space

The space between the plants is very important, we recommend, 60 to 90 cm distance between each plant. The distance will give more space to the tomatoes to grow in quantity and to their full potential. In addition, by not leaving enough space for plants, you prevent the sun from doing its job properly, and since a tomato is better when it is full of sun, good spacing is important.

6. A lot of water

You can not say it enough, but tomatoes really need a lot of water. A good indicator of lack of water is the appearance of cracks on the surface of the tomato. If you notice this problem, make sure that your tomatoes receive a significant amount. You can use the previous tips like burying the roots deeper, covering the soil with mulches, and so on.

5. Watch out for watering

It is true that the amount of water is an important factor in the health of your tomatoes. However, we must not water them anyhow. To do this correctly, water them slowly at the base of the plant, do not touch the leaves. Make sure there is at least 15 cm of wet soil on the ground. And as always, water your plants very early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid wasting water.

4. Epsom salt

A little grandmother’s trick now. Use Epsom salt to prevent yellowing of the leaves. You will get sturdy stems, and tomatoes full of life. Here are two ways to apply the product:

  • When planting, place a tablespoon of Epsom salt in the hole.
  • Or, in a watering can, pour a teaspoon for three liters of water and sprinkle with the mixture every two to three weeks. This will give them magnesium and sulphate.

3. Better be well accompanied

In addition, make your garden beautiful with their color, carnations of india secrete an odor that will move worms away from your plants. Go to the gardener of your choice and ask them for a bag of seeds. You can even buy them in seedlings if your gardener has some in stock. Thanks to its flowers, your tomatoes will be safe and your garden will look great!

2. With a little garlic

Still in the subject of a hybrid garden, you can also plant a few garlic bulbs near your plants to improve their taste and keep pests away. The only disadvantage will be the smell when unloading if you want to move your plants. You can also crush 1 clove of garlic in 3 liters of water that you will use to water the soil.

1. You can move them

Over time, the earth loses nutrients, and that’s normal. Indeed, the plant constantly seeks to feed itself and empty the earth of all these nutrients. Of course, this process is very long. But we still recommend not to keep your plants in the same place for more than 2 years. Every two years, try to find a new place for your tomatoes. Otherwise, you may have fewer and fewer tomatoes each year.