+25 Fashion Choices That Make You Look Older

When we were young, getting it wrong for a few more years was a compliment. Now? Hearing this is the biggest insult ever! Who knew that fashion mistakes could make you look older than you really are? The right outfit can make you look younger while the wrong one can do the opposite. It can be hard to find fashionable outfits; something that was trendy just a year ago could be a total no-no today. The rules of fashion are constantly changing, so we’re here to help you keep the pace. These are the fashion mistakes you need to avoid.

Poofy, great hairstyle

Hairdressing is the art of arranging hair, possibly modifying its appearance. This art involves different types of interventions: destroying the hair with wax, straightening or strengthening it, braiding it, dyeing it, bleaching it, powdering it, coating it with various substances and adding false hair or decorating it in a more or less sophisticated way according to different cultures and civilizations.


During the 70s and 80s, big hair was all the rage. Teasing or combing your hair was the only way to style your locks. Now we know how damaging this is to your hair and how old fashioned the style is. We are happy to say that silky soft hair is here to stay! Hair, when it is natural and meets certain criteria, is one of the signs of a person’s good or bad health.

Matching outfits

A garment is an article of clothing used to cover a part of the human body. It is most often made of fabric, but the materials used in its manufacture often tend to diversify over the centuries. The function of a garment varies greatly depending on the culture and the period of history.

The mix of patterns and prints is so trendy, while color coordination is so lacking. Wearing matching outfits is not only boring, it ages you. Avoid looking too put together, instead, mix leopard with checks and stripes with circles. In fact, color matching is all about putting together, bringing out the color of one garment over another.


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