These widespread practices in the Far West demonstrate how very wild the times were

Have you ever wondered what life in the Old West could be like? Then you can forget about drinking water and soap and say goodbye to proper medical care. And if the idea of a shared toothbrush turns you off, that’s a shame.  If you think you know how dire living conditions were during the Old West days, you’re still far from it. Many aspects of life in the Old West are different from what we know now, and people might be curious about how the people in this era lived.

Terrifying toilets

Indoor plumbing is a relatively modern luxury. For those who lived in the Old West, the facilities were basic at best, and they were usually outside and were not satisfactory. In the 21st  century, this is not the case, every home, restaurant, beach, school e.t.c, has a toilet, you can easily find a toilet to make use of. However, before plumbing systems became commonplace, people would go into an outdoor shed that was usually located some distance away from the main residence. It consisted of a shallow hole with four walls and, most importantly, a roof. Lime was often used to disinfect and combat outhouse odors. Lime was cheap and readily available and was used to clean outhouse interiors to make them sanitary.


Most of the inhabitants had to be content with small constructions, which were little more than huts erected on pits dug in the ground. For convenience, they were not very far from the houses. And while there were ways to try and hide the bad smell, hordes of flies were buzzing around. Black widows were also prowling, ready to bite. One could only take a short trip to the toilet when it was hot. When flies tickle your buttocks, you desperately want to have a bowel movement and leave. Due to the proximity of the convenience to the living space, flies were attracted to food and items in the house, which was very displeasing.

Sharing the meal

Hygiene at the table was practically non-existent in the days of the Old West. Everyone who sat down together to eat and share everything, really everything. Anyone could use what you had. Back in the day, people were unaware of the dangers of spreading germs among one another. Families shared a common platter and drank from common tin cups while eating and drinking together. As a result, indigestion and dysentery were common complaints among people who lived in the Wild West.

Indeed, during meals, people shared the same cups, the same plates, and the same cutlery. But that’s not all. It also appears that they also didn’t bother to wash kitchen utensils between meals. This habit probably contributed a lot to the spread of diseases of all kinds during this time. Surprisingly, the diet of the Wild West was good despite the fact that there were so many unhealthy eating habits. The season and terrain had a significant impact on the availability of food. As one would expect, most meals during the wild west were simple and sparse. Whiskey was among the foods commonly served in daily meals, as well as pork and beans.


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