These headphones are able to translate 40 languages instantly

Google is taking up the challenge of instant translation with revolutionary headphones. We can now have discussions with people who do not speak our language easily.


We are not all strong in foreign languages. According to the statistics issued by studies conducted on the subject in 2015, France is ranked 37th among the 70 non-English speaking countries that have trouble speaking other languages. Fortunately, even if France is struggling to stand out in the mastery of other languages ​​Google comes to the rescue. In the same launch project for Pixel 2, Google plans to market its Pixel Buds. This is headphones that can be controlled vocally. Pixel Buds are meant to offer spontaneous translation. When two people who do not speak the same language discuss, they just need to rely on the gadget.

Pixel Buds is able to translate in all 40 languages. It will allow you to chat with Americans, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, etc. The operation of the gadget is quite simple. Indeed, to engage the translation mode, just press the button on the right atrium. Then the user will formulate his request for translation by saying “Help me to speak” added the language of his interlocutor. If you speak with a Greek for example, all you have to do is say “Help me to speak Greek”. After saying “magic words”, it will suffice to follow with a sentence of his native language. Pixel Buds will then transmit the translation on the smartphone to which it is paired. So you hear the voice of the robotic translator through the speaker of the smartphone.

The same thing will happen to the interlocutor. Indeed, the latter will hear you in his own language. The gadget works so that both parties can understand each other easily.

This is the voice command assistant of Google that will support these translation work. If you use an Android smartphone you will recognize it as Google Assistant. By the way, this software is also by Google Translate.

For more precision, Google Assistant who is Android what Siri is at Apple is supported by a colossal database. The latter is updated to the rhythm of operation of its users. The system, which is totally governed by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system, is thus gradually producing accurate translations.

Patience however! France is not yet in the list of countries where Google’s Pixel 2 will be marketed. If you are in a hurry, however, you can find Pixel 2 and its “buds” translators in the US, England, Germany, or Italy by the end of this month. The price of the smartphone will be evaluated at 799 euros (see more) and the buds will be offered at 159 euros.

Anyway, until Google markets these headphones in the hexagon, we can always consider the use of other voice control tools like Pilot. The only problem with these tools is that they do not allow the same ease of use as Google’s “buds”.