The different forms of kissing according to the cultures of the world

We can show our affection to someone who is dear to us in different ways. In all the cultures of the world, however, the kiss prevails over the other proofs.

Kissing on the mouth is not a form of universal affection for lovers. In some cultures, the kiss is placed in the category of taboos. For others, showing affection to one’s lover or lover is different. Today, we are going to talk about the 7 most famous forms of kisses in the world. And it’s gone!



The “French Kiss” is the classic kisses. This form of hug has traveled the US and Europe through cinema. Considered in love gesture but also as a sexual practice, the French kiss is adopted in 168 countries. Very sensual, the french kiss is an act of sharing between lovers. Indeed, the quantities of saliva exchanged during the kiss contain information on the health of each but also on the respective genes of the partners. The French Kiss is also a sexual act insofar as it allows the partners to promote more intimate exchanges during their antics.


It is customary for Inuit to cover themselves completely to protect themselves from the cold. From their winter clothes, we can not see beyond the tip of the nose. To show their affection, the Eskimos rub each other the tip of the nose instead of kissing on the mouth. You should know that Eskimo kiss is practiced in Alaska, Canada, in northern Russia, and among Māori (New Zealand). You can see this form of hug in a particular scene from cartoon Peter Pan .


Opinions on the kiss differ from one community to another on the African continent. In some African cultures, the testimony of affection translates into a kiss on the forehead or on the hand. In some cultures, the kiss sucks disgust; this is the case in Tonga of Mozambique. Otherwise, with the people of Guinea we just do not kiss!


To kiss in Russian is to kiss a person of the same sex on the mouth. With Russians, this form of embrace confirms the fraternal bond, so there is no question of a kiss of lovers. However, the Russian kiss gradually disappears from modern Russian culture. In fact, the government sees this form of embrace as an encouragement to homosexuality. However, before, the heads of state embarked on the Russian kiss to witness a peace agreement.


The Balinese kiss favors the use of smell. A bali, lovers stick their nose on the skin of the face to feel the smell and heat. Intimacy is therefore emphasized by the olfactory attraction of the Balinese. However, the day after each new Hindu year, the kiss on the mouth is put forward. In this practice, two groups are formed, a group of girls and a boy group. These groups are together and share a kiss on the mouth in public.


It is in New Guinea that we find the Papuans. They are more specifically the indigenous people of the country. The hug among this people is very special and is called “Mitataku” . The act evokes in no way the classic kisses that you could know until then. Indeed, during a “Mitataku” the lover will cut his partner’s lashes with his teeth.


As you can see in the bollywood movies, the actors engage in particular dance to demonstrate different emotions. By cons, there is almost 0 scene of kissing. To tell the truth, in India, kissing on the mouth is simply taboo. It’s the same for the Chinese. So, if you go to India or China, avoid kissing on the mouth in public. In both cultures the kiss on the mouth is vulgarity.


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