Céline Dion: The announcement of her fourth child! And it’s a girl!

The announcement of the expectation of a fourth child by the Canadian singer fell like a cannonball. Indeed, many rumors had circulated on social networks about her state of health due to her apparent thinness after she simultaneously lost her husband, René Angélil who was also her manager, and also lost as her brother the same week. And as if that wasn’t enough, the singer also lost her mom last week. Hence the astonishment of Internet users at the announcement of this new pregnancy.


No, this is not a hoax or fake news. According to her biographer, author Elisabeth Reynaud, the rumor was confirmed by Celine Dion herself and thunderclap, it would be a girl. Suddenly, the future motherhood of the singer who comes to put her back on the front of the stage is at the center of all the rumors while raising all kinds of questions about the possibility of such a pregnancy and its author. Explanations!

Her mother against her marriage

What you should know is that Celine Dion’s relationship with René Angélil was not at all to the taste of Thérèse, Celine Dion’s mother.

Moreover on this subject, the singer had declared that when she had informed her mother about her feelings for René, her mother had done everything to “kill him” and “make her crack”, she specifies, expressing her anger and frustration. Thérèse Dion had tried to make her understand that René, in the past, had already married twice, had children and was not responsible. “I want the perfect prince charming for you”, then declared Thérèse Dion to Celine.


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