Screens can lead to the destruction of the eye

Scientists have proven that the screens and the blue light that comes from them can cause destruction of the eye. When we say screen, we talk about phones, computers, tablets … So a new study that has been conducted shows how light from screens is dangerous to the eyes. This blue light leads to the destruction of the retina. Screens are now a crucial part of everyday life. Since then, it was said that the light from these screens is dangerous for vision. However, until now, no one has been able to clearly illustrate the causes and consequences of this phenomenon.

Chemical reactions: the main cause

Finally researchers established at the University of Toledo in the United States finally managed to demonstrate the cause of the danger of the screens for the eyes. These scientists explain that when the eyes are exposed to blue light screens, a chemical reaction is triggered at the internal level of the eye. The latter is not used to this phenomenon. Repeated chemical reactions in the eye later lead to toxins that attack and attack the photoreceptor cells of the eye. These cells constitute the retina of the eye and are destroyed as and when the attack of these toxic molecules. Dr. Kasun Ratnayake, who is the co-author of the study, claims that the damage caused by the toxins is irreparable. According to him there is no possibility of regeneration of photoreceptor cells in the eye. So once they are destroyed, it’s over. The effect of light on the eyes is entirely negative and there is no care possible.

Effects similar to those of AMD

It is said that the blue light of the screens on the eyes has the same consequences on the vision as the AMD (macular degeneration related to the age). This phenomenon affects the central part of the retina and thus leads to total destruction of vision. This phenomenon usually occurs most in the elderly. But it can also lead to weakness in vision at an early age. There are, of course, methods that can be used to protect against radiation. Since it is difficult today to live without smartphones and computers, we must think of wearing glasses that allow filtration of light. These glasses will also protect your eyes. There is also the possibility to download applications or software that reduces the light. Also avoid keeping screens illuminated with phones and computers in the dark. The effect of screens on the body is not to be neglected: the effects are harmful and can affect the development of the brain of children. Frequent use of screens slows brain development. Other studies are being conducted to demonstrate the similarity between the wavelength of blue light and that of ultraviolet rays.