Why are Finns the happiest people in the world?

According to the report of the UN’s World Happiness Report, the citizens of Finland would be the happiest in the world. Several criteria are taken into account regarding this classification. This analysis was made taking into account life expectancy, social assistance, tolerance between residents and foreigners, GDP per capita and other criteria. Bridging the first position Finland seems to be the country of predilection for whoever wants to live happily.

They trust national policies


One of the reasons the Finns are the happiest in the world is that most of them trust their leaders. According to the study, more than 80% of the population trusts the police, which is not the case in many countries in the world. A Finnish lambda knows that whatever happens, the structures established on the national level as on the local plans could contribute to his advantage. In addition, they trust their educational system and citizens benefit from free education, and also benefit from a health system that is favorable to them.

Finns are hospitable and tolerant

In Finnish society, there is a certain harmony between the inhabitants, they tolerate each other and there is not much difference between the social strata. The lifestyle of the rich and the poor do not seem to be different, and the distribution of wealth is equitable, allowing everyone to enjoy a good life and to have a real sense of well-being. Both men and women enjoy their rights legitimately. In addition, parents take time off from their employers and every family has time to go on vacation or to participate in various hobbies. In addition, it is a country where life is good, the inhabitants are hospitable between them and help each other in cases of difficulties. There is some social cohesion that is difficult to find in other countries of the world.

Immigrants live in peace and security

One of the criteria taken into account when it comes to ranking is the freedom and way of life of immigrants. While in some countries laws are promulgated to bring all immigrants back to their home countries, in Finland they enjoy certain rights. The majority of foreign students benefit from a free education system, which allows them to have access to quality training to ensure their future. In addition, they can also have a good job and enjoy a good social status. They are not discriminated against and find the pleasure of living in this country. This shows once again the social cohesion that reigns in this country and allows everyone to feel at home. Living in harmony with others regardless of social, racial or economic differences is a real source of happiness. And that’s what Finland has managed to offer to its inhabitants.