What facials cost less than 10 euros?

The face is the first part of the body that we look at. It therefore deserves special attention and care, but you don’t have to go broke for it. Here is a list of facial care products for less than 10 €.

A very gentle make-up remover: Micellar Water from L’Oréal Paris

You can find this water in all supermarkets in its two versions: combination skin and sensitive skin. Its principle: gently remove traces of pollution and makeup.


An adapted anti-pollution treatment: the purifying strip of Diadermine

If you have blackheads, this solution is ideal for you. It suffices to moisten the affected areas, apply the patch and remove it after a specified time.

A serum against wrinkles: Nivea Perle Q10 +

A mixture of Q10 pearls with hyaluronic acid and creatine is the cocktail that Nivea offers you to fight against your wrinkles. In addition, this serum hydrates and smoothes the skin.

A mask to restore radiance to the face: the Bio Beauté Nuxe

It is recommended to revive all gray mines. By applying it to your face, you will be sure to have a permanently radiant face.

Cocooning cream: the Mixa moisturizer

The skin needs a lot of hydration and comfort at the same time. This cream with soothing extracts of rose and oats, enriched with vegetable oils, revives ultra-sensitive and reactive skin.


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