Which hair treatments to choose for less than 10 euros?

Want to have shiny, smooth hair that you are proud of? Rest assured, it’s in the cards for you. No need to spend a fortune, you just need willpower and a little money. In fact, you need no more than 10 euros.

A shampoo that gives volume: John Frieda luxurious volume

You will no longer need a hat or scarf to add volume to your hair. The ideal solution is to use Luxurious Volume Matter shampoo. It will naturally add volume to your hair every time you wash it.


The ultimate repair hydrating mask from Schwarzkopf

Enriched with a triple dose of liquid keratin, Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Mask is a true hydrating treatment for dry, curly and / or damaged hair. It perfectly replaces conditioners.

Toni & Guy shine serum

It is a serum that heals the hair, giving it a beautiful shine. For best results, you will need to warm a few drops on your palms before applying it to the tips of your hair.

Texturizing shampoo: Batiste Original

Batiste original shampoo not only texturizes your hair, but also refreshes it between washes. This is a real blessing for women who have absolutely no or very little free time.

Garnier Fructis Sweet Oil

This mist oil is rich in apricot, almond and mango oils. It moisturizes and softens hair without weighing it down or leaving a greasy film. The best part about it is that you can quickly spray it on before going out.


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