6 totally free beauty tips

4. Disinfect your smartphone

You are probably addicted to your smartphone like most of us. But what you may not know is that your device carries countless germs.


These germs may result in a rush or pimples on your face. You therefore need to disinfect your smartphone every day.

5. Clean after the toothpaste has been used

Here’s a scoop for you: Toothpaste residue can cause minor irritation.

To avoid this, just brush your teeth before cleaning your face.

6. Use ice cubes to hide facial imperfections

Do you have to go for an interview after a hectic night? Or does your face show that you are not in good shape?

Luckily, the problem can be solved quickly if you have a fridge or freezer. Ice cubes can be used to calm inflammation, redness, or small irregularities like swollen eyelids.