At 17, she was chosen by NASA to be the first human to set foot on Mars

NASA and other space exploration companies are now focused on the planet Mars. This is set to be the most daring human quest ever, and NASA in particular has been setting all the plans in motion. The aeronautics company was recently in the headlines over a 17 year old girl who is keen to set her foot on the red planet. Alyssa Carson, 17,  is one of the future astronauts who will participate in NASA’s Martian mission.

SpaceX—the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk—and NASA are engaged in a very serious technological battle. They are fighting to see who will be the first to send a human to the planet Mars. Space X intends to carry out this mission in the year 2024 while NASA will wait a bit longer for the year 2033.


Alyssa Carson, 17, is part of the NASA Mars mission crew. She dreams of being the first human to walk on the surface of the red planet.

Alyssa Carson is originally from Louisiana, Baton Rouge more precisely. She has been training with NASA to become an astronaut from the age of 15. She is the youngest person to graduate from Advances Possum Academy. Without this diploma, you cannot train to become an astronaut.

Alyssa thinks the hardest part for her is her age. She finds it impressive to have accomplished so much at her age while others are still in high school. She finds the training to be quite demanding for her age. However, in an interview, she tells Bored Panda that she is on the right track.

Not only is the young woman training to become an astronaut, but she is also taking language courses. She is learning English, Spanish, French and Chinese. She is fully aware of the sacrifices she will have to make to transform her dreams to reality. For example, she can’t get married or have kids for the next few years.

As a “young astronaut” in training, Alyssa made the following statement: “All astronauts, especially women, have charted this path that I have chosen to follow.” Her story is so inspiring that she is now an ambassador for space and aeronautics among young people. She thinks she can inspire in them the same dream she has carried for a long time. They can later participate in space conquest missions for another planet.

If you want to know more about this young astronaut in training, follow her on her Facebook page, or on her Instagram account. You can also visit the NASA Blueberrry site to learn more about her daily life. [/ embed]


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