The campsite: one of the biggest tourist attractions in France

More and more French people now prefer to spend their holidays camping. In fact, the occupancy rate of camping sites often exceeds that of hotels during the summer. The rise in popularity has been partially attributed to the freedom that camping sites offer to vacationers and tourists. Some will prefer to camp by the sea, others in the mountain and others in a tent or caravan. So, unlike hotels and holiday clubs, camping allows you to do what you want and when you want.


A variety of destinations:

France is the number one camping destination in Europe and the second in the world. It has more than 7,800 varied campsites spread over the entire territory. The campsites are in varied locations, which is perfect for lovers of tourism. Whether you are looking to camp by the sea, in the mountains or even in the rural areas, there is definitely something for you.

Camping sites in France are very modern in nature. This is probably one of the reasons why the activity has flourished in the region. For one, vacationers have a wide choice of accommodation. Tourists who do not want to spend the night in a tent can rent a tree house or even a mobile home. Second, the camping sites come with sanitary facilities and relaxation activities.

A good price-value ratio:

The continued success of campsites in France can also be attributed to the fair prices charged by the establishments. Campsites are a great alternative to hotels as they provide well-equipped accommodation at a much cheaper price. Surprisingly, prices have remained stable for the past 5 years despite the increased popularity. According to statistics, 65% of campers have been regular vacationers for 10 years and 20.3% for 5 years.

Further, players in the camping sector have responded to the expectations of their customers by implementing effective marketing strategies. For example, the competitive prices charged on French territory have attracted a significant portion of foreign tourists. Although German tourists are the most interested in the offers of French campsites, campers arrive from several other European countries too.

Various activities:

The outdoor camping sites in France allow you to enjoy a variety of activities. You may choose to take a dip in the swimming pool at the campsite or have fun with the animation team who will help you burn some calories. Some campsites even form partnerships with other leisure facilities in the region to offer you competitive prices.

Choose your atmosphere:

There is great diversity in the camping sites in France, so you can quickly find the best campsite for your desires and needs. There is a campsite for young people, for families, and even for naturists. You can even find some campsites that are customised for different demographics, all in one location!