A disease cured by cannabis chewing gum!

For centuries now, human beings have relied on natural herbs and remedies to meet their health needs. Fibromyalgia is one of those diseases that can be relieved by a plant and not just any plant, cannabis!


Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disease that affects many women. It is characterised by muscle and joint pain, fatigue, mood and cognitive disturbances as well as sleep disturbances. The pains are constant and can vary in intensity but are especially present in the long term.

Much research has been done to try and understand this disease, with an emphasis on treatment and ways to mitigate pain. In a surprising finding, recent research has shown that cannabis can relieve the pain associated with this disease. Of course, researchers don’t advise smoking marijuana to get rid of the symptoms, but rather chewing cannabis-based gum for pain relief.

Aside from the fact that cannabis can significantly reduce pain, the act of chewing gum has also been shown to reduce stress, stimulate the cardiovascular system and provide neuroprotective effects on the mind. Chewing the cannabis instead of swallowing it could also relieve the pain more quickly.

This is a new method that’s easier to adopt as compared to smoking marijuana. Pain is quickly relieved in all areas of the body that are affected by fibromyalgia. It is also morally and socially more acceptable compared to smoking cannabis!


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