The 5 most unusual sports in the world

Most of the time, athletic performance is more important than the sport itself. However, there are some unique sports that embody madness and imagination. Read on to discover the 5 most unusual sports in the world.

1. The mascot race

Every year, fans of various English football clubs gather at a racecourse in Surrey, England, to see these men in disguise representing their favourite teams.


The mascots compete on a 200-meter course with obstacles to overcome. The competition is generally very entertaining to the crowd as the mascots waddle on the ground trying to beat each other.

2. The bride bearing

This is a world championship that has been held every year since 1995 and which takes place in Finland. The goal is to carry your wife on a 253 meter long course through mud, sand, asphalt and grass and of course with many obstacles to overcome.

The woman must weigh a minimum of 49 kg or wear a backpack if she weighs less than this weight! The record currently stands at 55.5 seconds!

3. The baby race

This competition originated from Lithuania and has now become a real tradition in the country. The babies have to race among themselves, and the fastest baby on all fours wins the race.

All babies wear T-shirts with numbers on them and none of them can walk. It’s an entertaining and adorable race to watch!

4. Muddy football

Once again, the Finns are the inventors of this unusual sport. The English call it “swamp soccer”, which means “football in the mud”.

The competition is held every year in July. The rules are almost the same as those of football, except that there is no offside in swamp soccer and player replacements are unlimited. Also unlike football, the teams have 6 players in all and the halves last 12 minutes.

5. The office chair race

This unusual sport, to say the least, is an office chair race that takes place in Germany every year.

The goal is to descend a 200-meter track with a helmet and knee pads while sitting in your office chair. Each participant must design their own office chair and use it to defeat their opponents!