4 stars who went vegan that you did not know about!

Consuming vegan products has become trendy in recent years. Many celebrities have already adopted the practise, from athletes like Mike Tyson to talented actors like Peter Dincklage.

There are many reasons to become vegan. For some people, veganism is already part of their culture. For others, the trigger is simply the sight of a slaughterhouse. Many others have gone vegan due to a celebrity’s call to end cruelty to animals.

As you know, a vegan diet is exclusively plant-based. So let’s meet 5 vegan celebrities.

1. Ariana Grande

Talented actress and singer, Ariana grande, is one of the most famous vegan celebrities. She has been on a strict vegan diet since 2013, mostly because of her love for animals. The young woman had been eating meat throughout her childhood and did not know any vegan family at the time.

How did Ariane become vegan?

Today, the star is one of the most popular vegan celebrities of our time. She is very involved in animal welfare and is always ready to use her popularity to make her voice heard.

Her words can sometimes be shocking, especially when she is speaking against animal cruelty – a cause that is very close to her heart. She even confided in V magazine about it:

n America, almost everyone believes in eating meat to get protein. Proteins, proteins, proteins! And what do they think is in the milk? Calcium, calcium, calcium. It is these same proteins (from meat and milk) that clog the arteries and therefore facilitate heart attacks.

2. Jay Z and Beyonce

Jay Z and Beyonce joined the vegan celebrity community in 2017 when their twins were born. They are also among the stars committed to the cause against animal cruelty. As part of their activism, the Carter couple developed an interactive website, the “Greenprint Project”.

The site’s objective is to inform and educate internet users about the benefits of veganism. The site achieves this by giving free concert tickets to their vegan fans for the next thirty years! Beautiful, isn’t it?

3. Brad Pitt

Who knew Hollywood’s hottest actor is vegan? Yes, it’s true ! Brad has always had a loathing for red meat, so he embarked on the vegan adventure. He is also strongly against cattle rearing because of the high methane emissions.

It is true, methane emissions from livestock have a considerable impact on the environment.

At the Golden Globes ceremony, he praised the vegan menu on offer and said:

I am for veganism. It makes sense because everyone can eat vegan, but not everyone can eat steak.

4. Lewis Hamilton

The legendary British racing driver has been a vegan since 2017. He was also named 2018 athlete of the year by PETA.

Six-time Formula 1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is among the vegan celebrities.

Performing with vegan food

You won’t believe it, but Lewis went vegan to improve his physical abilities. He regularly posts animal rights posts and photos of high protein vegan meals. He also created his own vegan restaurant, which he named “Neat Burger”.