Richard Gere becomes a father again at 70: his wife Alejandra Silva has given birth to their second child

Richard Gere has rediscovered the joys of fatherhood at 70 years old. Alejandra Silva, the actor’s wife, has given birth to their second child, the third in total for the Hollywood actor.


Happiness often comes in pairs. After the birth of their first boy named Alexander, Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva, welcomed their second child in the space of two years. The American actor became a father for the third time at the age of 70. It has been confirmed that the child is a boy, but the baby’s name is yet to be revealed.

Daddy for the third time

This will be the third boy for the gentleman who shares a poster with Julia Roberts in « Pretty Woman ». His first son from his second marriage, Homer James Jigme, is a 20-year-old young man.

The actor’s second boy, Alexander, is from his current partner, Spanish activist Alejandra Silva. The latter has just given birth to Richard’s 3rd son, whose name remains unknown.

The couple want to keep this new birth low-key, as reported by Spanish magazine Hola. They have kept the baby boy’s date of birth and name a secret. The happy parents have also retreated from prying eyes to their property on the Pound Ridge ranch in suburban New York.

The birth of this baby goes to confirm that Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva share a love without clout since their union in 2015. It seems that the famous Hollywood actor found the love of his life in this Spanish activist after some disappointments.

Richard Gere’s love stories

Richard’s first marriage to supermodel Cindy Crawford on December 12, 1991 ended after 4 years. The actor then found comfort in the arms of Carey Lowell, whom he later got married to in November 2002. From this union was born his first son Homer, but the relationship soon came to an end.

It was in 2015 that Richard Gere formalized his relationship with Alejandra Silva. The couple sealed their union by getting married in April 2018 and in February 2019 they welcomed their first son, Alexander. The two lovebirds seem to have found the right rhythm since they have just welcomed a second child.

Alejandra Silva opens up about her marriage

In an interview with Hola magazine, the actor’s companion opened up about her famous husband. She revealed what would mark the difference between her and the previous wives of Richard Gere.

« He knows I’m completely crazy about him. I think I give him some stability. The fact that I’m neither an actress, nor a model, has helped us. What binds us the most is our desire to ‘help people in need, our commitment to Buddhism and the Tibetan people. «