Gims surprises his fans by showing off without glasses while with his daughter

Few have had the privilege of seeing Maître Gims without his dark glasses. The famous singer insists on keeping his identity a mystery. So it came as a surprise when he dropped his glasses during a snapshot with his daughter.


Gims has always hidden his gaze behind dark glasses. He never takes them off in public, even in concerts. As a fan of comics, the singer uses his accessory as a superhero costume. However, the « Bella » singer appeared without his glasses in a photo posted on Snapchat by his wife. Indeed, he poses with his daughter in his arms, kissing her tenderly.

Gims appears without his dark glasses

Although this picture was magical, it is another event that has attracted the attention of internet users. Indeed, in the photo published on April 18, Maître Gims is not wearing his famous dark glasses.

DemDem Djuna has revealed a face of Gims that fans don’t often get to see. He appears as a loving father to his baby girl, not a super music star.

In the black and white photo, we can see part of the singer’s face, where he still keeps his eyes closed. Even without glasses, Gims is keen not to reveal his eyes to the public and still keeps part of his identity a mystery.

The birth of Gims daughter

It was on March 19, 2020 that DemDem and Ganghi Djuna announced the birth of their third child. The artist’s wife did an Instagram post with a nice message to this effect: « I marvel every day in front of this little creature. I had forgotten that it was so cute. Let’s take the time to enjoy with the family…. J kiss all the mothers who follow me, you have the best job in the world. »

His tour has been postponed

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, containment measures have been put in place in several countries around the world, including France. In confinement with his family, Gims was forced to postpone his tour titled « Decade tour ». He posted a message on his social networks to announce the postponement of the tour from November / December 2020. Fans will therefore have to wait a little longer before seeing their favorite artist on stage. In the meantime, this confinement allows him to spend time with his family.