3 reasons why you look younger than your age?

Many people, especially women, dream of looking younger. However, people who naturally look younger than their age feel more embarrassed than happy. In fact, looking younger than your age can be really disturbing in some circumstances. In a job interview, for example, you may not be taken seriously.

This phenomenon has aroused our curiosity. So why do we look younger than our age?

1. Our biological clock is slowing more and more

Things are constantly changing and evolving over time. Likewise, the notion of aging has also evolved over time.

About 150 years ago, anyone above the age of 50 was considered old. Nowadays, a 50 year old is considered middle-aged. And if you were to compare your photos with those of your parents at the age of 50, you would see that you look younger.


This is quite normal as the body clock gradually slows down over the years. This conclusion was achieved through some research carried out by American scientists. This explains why each new generation looks younger than the previous one.

So don’t beat yourself up if you look younger than your age. It’s not your fault, it’s just your body clock. Moreover, it is proven that each person has their own biological clock. And at times it may not match your actual age.

2. Awareness of tobacco

Tobacco is well known for its harmful effects on human health. In fact, smoking it can seriously damage your lungs. Still, you’ll be surprised to learn that smoking less can make you look younger.

Polls show that smoking has been on a gradual decrease. In 2010, only one out of four people under the age of 24 smoked. In 2015, that percentage dropped even further.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. So it’s normal to look younger than your age if you don’t smoke.

So, to look younger than your age, you just need to quit smoking or take less nicotine.

3. Women no longer rush to give birth

Giving birth is the most wonderful thing in a woman’s life. However, it also comes with its effects.

Research has shown that women age faster after giving birth to a child. This can be attributed to factors such as:

  • stress, and
  • tiredness.

But above all, it is a matter of biology.

Women are not in a rush to give birth today. It is probably because they are more ambitious and want to achieve professional fulfillment before having children. That’s why they’re younger. So taking your time before being a mother allows women to look younger than their age.