3 stars who surprised us with their bizarre behavior

The world of music and cinema is fantastic and full of magic. But it is not always as glamorous as it may seem. The charismatic singers and glamorous actresses don’t always behave in an exemplary way. Some could even say that their behaviour is bizarre. So far, many celebrities have surprised us with their strange behaviour. Fame is a good thing, but at what cost?

Check out some of the stars who surprised us with their bizarre behaviour.

1. The legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne

There are many bizarre celebrities, but some are more shocking than others. British singer Osbourne is perhaps the most eccentric singer of all time. The singer has a bad reputation and is the master of strange behaviour.


It seems that this artist likes to shock the world. It’s no secret that stars want to grab attention by all means, but some are willing to go to extremes. Ozzy Osbourne is a perfect example of this type of celebrity. He has gone so far in his bizarre behaviour. Once he even beheaded a bat with his teeth! And this is not his most shocking deed. He also put half of a pigeon in his mouth. As we mentioned before, stars like to surprise us and draw attention to themselves in any way they can. However, the singer is not the only star to indulge in such shocking behaviour.

2. Famous singer and dancer Britney Spears

This star has been the subject of a lot of discussion lately. Britney was placed under conservatorship, a legal agreement in which her father controls her finances. After several years, Britney finally revealed the background to her conservatorship. The star says she is unhappy and treated worse than a teenage girl. One may wonder why a 39-year-old woman, already a mother, is still under the tutelage of her father? The reason is very simple. And it is precisely for this reason that the star was considered a bizarre artist.

At the height of her career, Britney rose to fame and shocked everyone. She shaved her head and ran away, then attacked a car with an umbrella. This is of course very bad behaviour, especially from a star. And that behaviour is the reason her finances are controlled by her father. 

3. Michael Jackson: King of Pop

When we talk about stars with strange behaviour, we can not forget the “king of pop”. Michael Jackson was a very popular artist, but he was also widely criticised for his strange behaviour. Everyone loves Michael Jackson. But despite our fascination with him, we can’t say his career was tasteful. His behaviour was not very healthy. For example, he bought elephant bones and continued to reshape his face. It seems he was never satisfied with his appearance. Some would even say he suffered from an addiction to plastic surgery.

We will always remember these icons, who just so happen to be the strangest stars in this list. But if they were celebrities, it is probably because they were extraordinary.