3 celebrities who have completely redone their teeth

It’s no secret that the celebrity world is wild and daring. Our favorite stars are willing to try almost anything to look superb. So it should come as no surprise to you that most celebs don’t have their original teeth. Behind some of those smiles, dazzlingly white and perfect teeth, hides the expert hand of a good dentist.

We can’t blame them, because appearances matter in the celebrity world. Plus, some of these stars really had no choice but to change their teeth.

Here are some celebrities who have redone their teeth.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

You might not know it, but the famous five-time Golden Ball footballer has had his teeth done. Before the orthodontist, he could not boast of his teeth. Cristiano Ronaldo,  CR7, did not have that charming and glamorous smile that he now has.


At the start of his career, he did not have very flattering teeth. His teeth weren’t white or aligned. But luckily, he was able to correct that, and now boasts of a grin that resembles a Greek god’s. But he is not the only footballer to have had his teeth redone.

2. David Beckham

As we said above, CR7 is not the only football star to have had dental surgery. Here is yet another football celebrity who has had his teeth worked on. T he handsome and rich David Beckham completely transformed his smile thanks to dental surgery.

He went from having poorly groomed yellow teeth to perfect white teeth. Admittedly, this makes him even more alluring. David Beckham now has that Hollywood smile that all celebrities dream of. This goes to show that all Hollywood stars were not born with a perfect smile.

3. Tom Cruise

The handsome and attractive Tom Cruise should definitely thank his dentist. In Hollywood, appearances matter a lot, so your smile should definitely stand out!

He is a major celebrity in Hollywood. But you may be surprised that t he actor also had porcelain veneers to fix his smile. A nd you will be surprised how much it cost him to get them done. Porcelain veneers cost him 1000 dollars per tooth!

It is clear that the stars are desperate to have a perfect smile.