Idris Elba, the future James Bond? The actor is approached to play the famous agent 007

Please note, this message is for fans of the most famous spy in cinema.

This year we heard that British actor, musician and producer Idris Elba could be the future Agent 007. Daniel Craig will no longer play Agent 007 for the rest of the saga. For once we will have a black Mr. Bond. However, we are still awaiting confirmations from production.

Every decade – or even more – James Bond enthusiasts are filled with total intrigue as they try to identify the next Bond. Currently, all eyes are on Idris Elba. Daniel Craig’s contract is over, and he’s no longer going to play Agent 007. Will he leave the torch to Idris Elba? If this is the case, the world of cinema will usher a new era, the era of the 1st black James Bond.


Antoine Fuqua, who spoke with Barbara Broccoli, is the source of this good news. Barbara, the co-producer of the James Bond saga, revealed to Antoine Fuqua the actors who were being considered for casting. During an interview with the Daily Star, Antoine Fuqua said that the co-producer mentioned the name Idris Elba in connection with the new James Bond. Barbara Broccoli believes that it is « high time » to entrust this cult role to a black actor and that Idris Elba could be the ideal candidate.

Director Antoine Fuqua, who worked on Equalizer, Le Roi Arthur, La Rage au belly, took the news very well. He stated that Idris Elba has the necessary physical qualities and can take over the role of Agent 007. However, he stressed that Idris Elba must maintain his current good physical shape in order to play Mr. Bond.

If we summarise the profile of the actor, we will say that he has the class, presence and stature of a real James Bond. Plus, he has that British accent that would suit the character well. If you are a fan of The Wire or Luther TV series, you will understand his profile even better. Moreover, Idris Elba has been rewarded many times for his roles in these two series.

Anyway, we still have to wait before we can conclude on the subject. To be clear, we should get a definitive answer to this question towards the end of 2019.