End clap for the series; The Big Bang Theory

« The Big Bang Theory », whose success is indisputable, ended in the spring of 2019, after 12 seasons. The series follows the daily life of young Sheldon Copper, gifted in physics, and his scientific friends. The twelfth season will air from September 24 on the US channel CBS and will end in May. It will have 279 episodes. The Big Bang Theory is one of the oldest series today.

A creative and striking ending

The actors, the writers and the crew in general, are extremely satisfied with the success of the series; that’s why they decided to give us a twelfth and final season. The goal of this season is to end the series in a creative and spectacular way. It is important to know that the series had over 20 million viewers in the United States alone for season 9 and almost 19 million viewers for the final season.


The series began airing in 2017. And the French version is presented regularly on Canal + Séries and NRJ simultaneously. The American series has managed to establish itself as one of the most watched series in the world. The penultimate season broadcast drew more than 19 million viewers per episode. This places The Big Bang Theory as the second most watched series of the 2017/2018 season. The show had a large following1, this is undoubtedly what motivated the American channel to propose a twelfth season.

It had to end someday

Yep, it’s time to say goodbye to Sheldon and his gang of Pasadena scientists. Although Warner Bros.TV and CBS had started discussions for a new season, the American series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ came to an end with its twelfth season. The season began on September 24 in the United States and ended in May 2019. The series now has 279 episodes in total. It is also the longest series in the history of television in the United States.

Chuck Lorre Productions, Warner Bros TV and CBS just made a statement via the official ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Twitter account. « This is a thank you to the fans and their loyalty throughout the 12 seasons. The cast, crew, writers and producers are grateful for the success of the series and look forward to a 12th season and a memorable, synthetic conclusion to the series. The series has been a favourite among many young people and has been a source of inspiration for some. » In addition to being totally funny, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has allowed viewers to learn a lot about science.

The Big Bang Theory has managed, in just 11 years, to win numerous distinctions (10 Emmy Awards, out of 52 nominations). Unfortunately, the show has never gotten the title of best comedy series.