George Clooney, the highest paid actor on the planet, thanks to Tequila

Forbes recently unveiled its ranking of the richest men in Hollywood. And to our surprise, we realised that Dwayne Johnson, who dominated the rankings in 2017, has now been dethroned by George Clooney. In 2018, George Clooney was reportedly worth $239 million. This made him the highest paid actor in the world. Most of his money actually comes from his tequila business, whose turnover is on a rise. Of his total net worth, nearly 233 million dollars came from his tequila business while his cinematographic achievements brought him just six million. This testifies to the success of his activities in the company.

The richest players in the ranking

George Clooney derived more than 95% of his income from his successful commercial activities. This allowed him to climb to the top of the ranking. Following him in second place was Dwayne Johnson, who was reportedly worth more than a hundred million.


In third and fourth place, we had Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hermsworth, respectively. It seems that Avengers not only save the world, but are also careful to save their pockets. The fifth and sixth places went to two exceptional actors, Jackie Chan and Will Smith, respectively. These men are the richest in the film industry. Their personal fortune is far greater than that of the world’s highest-paid actress, Scarlett Johnson.

A remarkable difference between men and women

There are notable income inequalities based on gender. Already, the six highest paid actors in the world have higher incomes than the highest paid actress.

It should come as no surprise then to see that the personal fortunes of the ten richest actresses are very far from those of the ten richest actors. It is a s if men earn much more than women in this area. The most amazing is the case of Clooney, who is ranked as the richest actor in the world without playing in a single film. Owner of Nespresso and his Tequila company, he has no trouble filling his pockets. Nonetheless, we cannot forget the imposing Dwayne Johnson, who is still very active. Since the success of Jumanji, he has made hundreds of millions. Although his income mainly comes cinema, he has numerous partnerships and his popularity on the internet allows him to pocket a lot of money.