Adriana Karembeu mother at 46: her chances of having a child were almost zero

The birth of Nina, a miraculous turnaround for the life of Adriana Karembeu, now 46 years old.

Adriana Karembeu, the ex-wife of footballer Christian Karembeu, announced her pregnancy last June. She made this statement in a wave of intense emotion because she had always wanted to have a child, especially a girl. The little girl of her dreams came into the world in perfect health and she named her Nina. The birth was a real miracle for Adriana Karembeu who is currently 46 years old.


Nina’s father is none other than businessman Aram Ohanian. He has been married to Adriana Karembeu since 2014 and they have been waiting for this birth for a long time, especially given the many uncertainties they have faced. Adriana has had to undergo several IVF and unsuccessful miscarriages. In 2016, she miscarried when seven weeks pregnant, but despite these unfortunate events, she never gave up.

Even as she was waiting to get pregnant, the doctors had no hope. Adriana made this statement during her appearance on the program Sept à Huit, broadcast on TF1. The gynaecologist who was taking care of her told her that her chances of getting pregnant were minimal. Adriana did not expect such an announcement.

By this time, she had very little hope that she could get pregnant. So she saw this pregnancy as a real miracle. However, she was worried about the age difference with her child. The couple had raised the issue on several occasions. They knew that they would not be there for their child as long as they would like. But they ended up putting things into perspective because misfortune always happens without warning, including to young parents.

Today, she just wants to wrap her child in love. As a loving mother, Adriana asserts that each person has their destiny. She was raised by parents who were rather young. However, she still felt that she was not loved enough by her father. In fact, this period of her life traumatised her. She says it would have been better for her to be raised by an older, more caring father. Of course, kindness is not a question of age, but we are now in a better position to understand her sentiments.