Why Do People Put PDLC Smart Films on Their Windows?

Windows are undoubtedly the most important part of any room. If you hang heavy, opaque curtains in front of them, they will turn the room dark by blocking the natural light. And if you leave them uncovered, you may have a feeling that your privacy is being interrupted. Modern technology offers a transparent smart film that gives you 100% transparency for natural light penetration yet concealing the indoor view. It is a magical Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) smart film. It is an economical option as remote-controlled electronic blinds are far too expensive.


Why should I use a PDLC smart film?

A PDLC smart film provides 99% protection against ultraviolet rays and 95% protection against infrared thermal radiation, thus protecting your skin against discoloration, sunburn, and skin cancer. By applying a PDLC smart film on your windows, you will protect your indoor furniture and floors from aging and fading. It will also help reduce the unwanted noise to move from one room to the other.

A PDLC smart film will prevent the pieces of glass from scattering all over the floor and hurting someone if your windowpane is broken accidentally. A PDLC smart film can also be used as a projector screen. A PDLC smart film is switchable between transparent and opaque for daytime and nighttime, which can help you maintain your privacy, especially in your bathroom and bedrooms.

How to install a PDLC smart film?

The self-adhesive side of a PDLC smart film has a label and is marked. There are two layers, the upper one is thin, and the inner one is thick. Remove both the layers. Stick the side to the glass, starting from top to bottom. Don’t allow any air bubbles or dirt to get trapped inside. Start at the top center. Then press from left to right. Apply uniform pressure.

Features of a PDLC smart film

  • It is very thin and does not add a lot of weight to your window panels to prevent them from falling off and shattering.
  • Its sponge design is created with the environment in mind and is 100% eco-friendly.
  • It is user-friendly with straightforward controls and turns on and off with a quick response of fewer than five milliseconds.
  • There are various colors, prints, and dimensions available in the market to suit your specific needs.

Benefits of using a PDLC smart film

  • You can save thousands of dollars as you don’t have to order a separate projection screen if your windows have a PDLC smart film on them.
  • For all control modes, you have to spend a minimum amount of electricity since the design is energy efficient.
  • You don’t have to put on any sunscreens while you are indoors since UV rays and Infrared rays are entirely blocked by your PDLC smart film.
  • Unlike fabric curtains, dust does not get trapped on them.

To sum up, you should install switchable PDLC smart films on your window panels to enhance the beauty of your home.