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    30 fastest planes in the world

    Let’s talk a bit about some of the fastest planes ever built …

    Notably, most of the aircrafts on this list were built, or at least developed, in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The level at which some of these aircraft operate is dizzying. More than 11,000 kilometers per hour! It’s fast enough to go around the planet in just over three hours! And that´s not even the fastest of the list!

    30. Dassault Falcon 7x 990 km / h

    The Falcon 7x built by Dassault Aviation is one of the fastest private jets on the market thanks to its trijet system of three jet engines. The 7x made its first flight in May 2005 at the Paris Air Show. It has a very long range and can accommodate up to twenty people plus two pilots: you can bring the whole extended family with you for a trip to almost 1000 km / h. The 7x even set a speed record by flying from New York to London in less than 6 hours.

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    23 never seen pictures of the Titanic that will give you goosebumps (and bring tears to your eyes)

    On April 10, 1912, the legendary Titanic nicknamed “the unsinkable ship” leaves Southampton in England headed for New York. As everyone knows, it was it’s maiden voyage, but also it’s very last one. Many of you have probably seen the famous film Titanic of James Cameron released in 1997, but few of you have probably ever seen these cold photos, telling a story back on this terrible shipwreck.

    The first photo of the Titanic at sea

    This Monday, April 10, 1912 at 23:40, the commander and his crew were surprised by a collision. The Titanic hit an iceberg and 6 compartments were hit. The officers were all the more surprised because the messages sent by the other ships to warn of danger had not received on the bridge of command. Problem: the ship had been designed so that it can withstand only 4 flooded compartments …

    The Titanic summarised in some impressive numbers: This giant of the seas was 269 meters in length, and had 885 crew members for 2,471 passengers. It consisted of 10 bridges and had a cruising speed of 21 to 22 knots (39 km / h).

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    A man looks into his neighbor’s yard and immediately calls the police

    Dogs are great companions for humans, but they deserve our love and attention. Just as they give us love and care, we should give them that in return. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case for Lilo the Pit Bull, an unwanted bitch tied to a tree in the backyard for the first eight months of her life. Then something even more horrible happened, causing a daring rescue attempt to save her. Dogs are not tman’s best friend for nothing. Read on to learn more about the incredible adventure of a helpless dog, from depression and neglect to a better life.

    1. Mysterious Creatures

    It was a dark day on Phillips Avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina, and sinister forms lingered in the air. The neighborhood is very wooded, full of green trees that change color over the seasons. But these forms in the sky were a sign of trouble.

    Pit Bull

    A flock of vultures was flying high in the air, a sight rarely seen in the city center. They circled around a neighboring house. But above what were they exactly? And why ? In general, this is never a good sign.

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    A man releases this female elk in the wild, then she comes back with a surprise

    Elks are known to be very territorial and aggressive animals. Their enormous size and strength do not make them the ideal pet. However, there are sometimes exceptions, and even the toughest animals can become vulnerable and need human contact. Erikas Plucas experienced this for the first time when he discovered an abandoned baby elk on his farm, but he did not expect the remarkable bond that would soon unite them. But not only that ; it turns out that wild animals can also surprise humans in the most unexpected way. Read this article to find out how this moment has changed Plucas’ life forever.

    1. The Simple Life

    Erikas Plucas lived what some might call a simple life on a farm in the Lithuanian countryside. His farm is located right next to a forest, nature and wild animals have always been an integral part of his daily life.

    Emma the Moose

    For Plucas, there was something truly peaceful and exhilarating to experience so far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. But one day, something quite unexpected and unusual happened. And this event has changed his vision of life forever.

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    28 thrilling photos that will give you sweaty hands

    You never know what can happen in life. It is the most unpredictable adventure, it reserves surprises, some happy and others we would rather avoid. In the course of a day, so much can go wrong without anyone seeing it coming. Sometimes, when the disaster happens, we hope until the last moment that things will correct themselves. Check out these 28 photos, all taken a few minutes before something unthinkable happens.

    Attention, cargo overboard

    The cargo of this merchandise ship almost completely overturned. The crews on the lifeboats, from which the photos were taken, do not seem very worried. The situation was perhaps more under control than the pictures suggest. Seen like this, it can be hard to believe but this cargo did not flip! There were no casualties either. Only four containers ended up in the water. We still can not believe it from looking at these incredible shots.

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    Do you remember ‘Octomom’? Here’s where she is now…

    The incredible story of Nadya Suleman aka ‘Octomom’ had a buzz effect worldwide at the beginning of 2009. This woman gave birth to eight children, and therefore octuplets. That’s why she was given the nickname of Octomom.

    The octuplets of Nadya Suleman have attracted the interest of a large audience for some time. Of course, mom has also amazed the world during and beyond her pregnancy. Her case interested more than a few people and certainly caused her doctors to sweat!

    When announcing her pregnancy, Octomom drew criticism from a few. However, she has also made a network of loyal fans and supporters. Whatever the audience’s reaction, the mother of the octuplets has always done her best to take care of her young. She acted like a true mother, even though her decision did not always satisfy everyone. Today, let’s see together where she’s at with her octuplets?

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    Here are the greatest military powers of the world

    The most concrete way to determine which is the most powerful army in the world is to see them at work in order to decide between them. But nobody wants to do that! Apart from the exercise of military power on the ground, how can one determine which country is home to the most powerful army? What factors are relevant to take into account in order to compare the armies of the world? It is easy to assume that the decisive factors are the number of soldiers in a country’s army, the different technologies available for defense, and the budget allocated to defending the country. It is these different factors as well as resources such as Global Fire Power , The Credit Suisse Report and Nation Master that have allowed us to establish a ranking of the world’s military powers.

    Keep reading the article to see which countries are on the list of the most powerful national armies in the world, ending with the highest ranking. You will not fail to be surprised! A small island country has a reserve of more than 1.6 million soldiers!

    1. Peru

    The number of inhabitants in Peru is around 30 million. However, the Peruvian army is still composed of 100,000 active members and 280,000 reservists ready to serve their country in case of need. In terms of equipment available, Peru has fighter jets, attack helicopters, attack aircraft and air support. The Peruvian army has 300 battle tanks, armored combat vehicles as well as rocket launchers. The naval power of Peru consists of frigates, patrol boats, corvettes and six-submarines. The country allocates more than $ 820 million a year to the military.

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    20 discoveries that archaeologists just cannot explain

    We do not know everything about this good old planet we call home. Indeed, several areas of our planet have not yet been explored; they may be known, but remain unexplored to this day. Though in a way, this is good news, because at least these places are preserved from the human hand and its devastating effects.

    On the contrary, although some places have been discovered, explored and studied in certain areas of the planet; these places still remain mysterious and few manage to give plausible explanations concerning them. Today, we invite you to discover 20 of these mysterious discoveries that are still beautiful objects of study for archaeologists.

    1. Cemetery of vampires

    The discovery of several human remains bearing a metal stake at the centre, was made in Bulgaria. After dating the bones, it was concluded that the bones were buried 700 years ago. This suggests to us that at that time, vampires were part of the mythic beliefs of those who occupied Eastern Europe.

    Indeed, these human remains were dug up near what is today Sofia, that is to say in the hollow of the ancient temple of Perperikon. According to legend, these people who were taken for vampires were specifically buried with an iron bar crossing the chest. If so, they could come back to life.

    Moreover, many people were murdered at the time because of their supposed consumption of human blood. In addition, other tombs of vampires have been discovered in the same area. The bones of the beings who rested in these tombs, however, were devoid of skulls.

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    Her husband disappeared 6 weeks after their marriage, 68 years later she discovered the truth

    Nearly seven decades after marrying a person she considered the love of her life, Peggy Harris learned the truth about his sudden death.


    Maybe the different era, or the fact that Peggy was so fond of Billie, but she never stopped looking for information about where he was. Never seeing her husband again after just six weeks of marriage may seem like the ultimate breach of contract, but Peggy knew deep in her heart that Billie would not go away like that. Something was wrong.

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    The 15 ugliest cars in automative history

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are things that are objectively ugly and that nothing can objectively embellish this fact. This is true even in the automotive world. Over the years, our roads have seen cars that only the designers who created them can qualify as ‘pretty’. In honor of all these horrors, here are the 15 ugliest cars ever created in the history of the global automobile industry.

    2004 Covini C6W

    The Covini C6W opens the list with a 6-wheeled monstrosity. The car had a very good power of 400 horsepower and the extra wheels were meant for balancing and better braking. Successful bet but at what price …

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    The most beautiful redheads on the planet

    Whatever the shade, whether it is close to the Venetian blond, rather auburn or copper, natural or not (we’re not here to judge), it must be recognized, the red adds warmth to the complexion and tends to make a natural silhouette. For several years, redheads have been very successful. Flamboyant and fascinating, here is a selection of some of the most beautiful redhead women.

    Amanda Righetti

    This is the small screen that revealed the talents of the beautiful Amanda and made it known to the general public. We have seen her in small roles in many series like Newport Beach , Mentalist or Colony . The actress and her magnificent flamboyant hair did not go unnoticed. We are almost jealous!

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    These harmless-looking animals kill more people than snakes, sharks or spiders!

    These animals are so cute that we would like to hug them … and yet it is better not to cross their path. Finding yourself face to face with one of these animals can put you in serious danger …

    The slow loris

    So cute ! Indeed difficult not to crack in front of this small ball of hair with bulging eyes. But it is better to think twice before approaching, the slow loris is the most poisonous mammal in the world.

    The Nycticebus coucang is the only primate on the planet to produce venom. It comes from the glands under his elbows. In case of human attack or if he is preparing to hunt prey for food, he raises his arm and licks his hair on which the venom has spread. The venom will then mix with its saliva and form an explosive cocktail that can cause death by anaphylactic shock in case of bite. A word of warning to you …

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