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    These 40 Retro Snaps Will Make You Totally Nostalgic For ’90s Pop Culture

    The ’90s might not seem like they were that long ago, but the numbers don’t lie. At the time of writing it’s 2020, which means that 1990 was 30 years ago.

     But rather than worrying about how old that makes us now, we want to reminisce on all the nostalgia, trends and fads that made the decade what it was. And here are 40 of our favorites.

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    Unexpected Discovery During The Renovation of a Home

    During the demolition

    While renovating their 1940s home, a married couple from Ohio found something that would turn their lives upside down. They had no idea that something surprising would catch their attention when cleaning the basement.

    Everything seemed normal until they stumbled upon something unexpected. They had finished clearing both the first and second floor when they came across something intriguing while cleaning the basement. This encouraged them to dig a little deeper. Never did they imagine that they would have to contact the FBI for the items they found.

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    Homeless Man Approaches Construction Workers With A Bold Request

    While we sometimes unfairly blame the homeless for their lots in life, it’s easy to forget that most people living on the street didn’t end up that way without a lot of bad luck. So when one British contractor was approached by a homeless man, he wasn’t sure what to expect. But when the man opened his mouth, he had a story to share that blew the entire construction crew away.

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    After This Mother Saw A Note In Her Son’s Lunchbox, His Teacher Got Fired The Next Day

    This mother smiled after opening the lunchbox of her son. She saw the note she left for him earlier that day, however, something made her do a doubletake. There was one more note in there, one that wiped the smile off her face.

    As a mother, she would only want to see her son smiling and happy. But what was beside the note that she had written that had suddenly swept the smile off her face?

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    Woman Shares Her Joys And Difficulties Of Living In A 1482 Medieval Castle

    In the Middle Ages, castles were usually fortified buildings meant to survive enemies’ attacks. They were built for royal and noble families to not only be safe but to reside in too. Often, castles were miniature towns with servants doing the chores, soldiers guarding the castle, and extended family living under the same roof.

    Nowadays, we are used to seeing castles that are turned into museums. We can visit them and see how people lived centuries ago, what art they liked, how they decorated the interior, what their daily life looked like. But there are also people who own castles and live in them or rent them to other people.

    Meet Yulia, A Cat-Loving Photographer Who Lived In A Medieval Castle In Germany

    An Imgur user shared a little bit of her own experience of living in a castle. Yulia lived in a 6460-square-foot (600 square meters) castle in Germany that was built in 1482 and renovated in 1972.

    Bored Panda got in touch with Yulia and asked a few questions about her experience.

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    IKEA Secrets Straight From Employees Themselves

    IKEA is one of the more well-known furniture stores in the world, thanks to its massive warehouses and a wide variety of products. As popular as the company is, there are some things you could only know by being an employee. As the world’s largest furniture retailer, you can bet they have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep things running smoothly and sales as high as they can be. From the carefully calculated layout to the store codes, these IKEA secrets help to explain the company’s massive success.

    The Design Is Meant To Make You See Everything

    IKEA stores are an average of 300,000 square feet! With all of that space, you could easily miss out on a large percentage of the merchandise. To prevent this from happening, the interior design is set up like a maze.

    Have you ever found yourself looking for one thing but passing through absolutely every section in IKEA on the way to it? That’s because of something employees refer to as the “Long Natural Way.” The term describes the path that the customer is steered down by the way everything is set up.


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    These Actors Shared The Screen With Their Legendary Parents

    It’s not easy to grow up famous, especially if you want to pursue the same field as your legendary parent. Some actors are up to the challenge of not living in their parents’ shadows, and even end up sharing the screen with them. Many actor heirs start off with cameos in their parent’s films, like Liza Minnelli, who was only two when she performed alongside Judy Garland. Those who take well to the career sometimes end up directing their parent, like Emilio Estevez and Ben Stiller did with their famous dads. From tiny tots to seasoned performers, these actors shared the screen with their renowned parents.

    Martin Played Charlie’s Father In Two Films And A Series

    Charlie Sheen got some screentime at a young age, thanks to his famous father, actor Martin Sheen. As a young boy, Charlie appeared as an extra in Martin’s Badlands and The Execution of Private Slovik. The film that really showed their onscreen chemistry though was Wall Street, wherein they played father and son.

    The actors teamed up again in the action film No Code of Conduct and the hit sitcom Spin City, both of which featured Martin “pretending” to be Charlie’s father.

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    The Top Countries Where You Can Retire on $150K

    What is the best country to retire with $150,000?

    These places offer safety, scenery and a lower cost of living than most countries in Europe. Read on to find out just where you should retire if you have $150,000 or less in your bank account.

    In 2020, European retirees receive average monthly social security payments of $ 1,503, or just $ 18,036 for the year. This is barely enough to afford a decent life, especially when the elderly face health costs of over $13,000 a year. But what if you didn’t retire in your country? Health care, housing and daily expenses are much cheaper in other countries. And don’t forget, you still have time to prepare by talking to an expert. Facet Wealth’s Certified Financial Planners have strategies only for retirees, and they are required by law to put your best interests first.

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    This man got engaged two years after the death of his wife! Then one day he got an unusual call …

    Two years later

    Two years after the tragic death of his wife, David Schmitz was on the verge of taking back control of his life. He had met another woman with whom he intended to start a new life.

    They had recently made plans to finalize their marriage. However, soon after David got engaged, he received an unusual phone call that rocked his world. That was not a normal phone call, but one that had the potential to shock him.

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    This man bought a drone to see if his wife was cheating on him, he was surprised when he found out the truth

    First doubts

    Many say that the secret to a strong and healthy marriage is trust. However, when things start to look suspicious, it can often be difficult to trust your partner, despite all the love you feel.

    This is exactly what happened to John, a man from Pennsylvania who suspected something was wrong with his marriage. Despite common sense, he decided one day to use a drone camera to follow his wife when she left for work. What he discovered while looking at the footage came as an incredible shock to him.

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    These Vintage Cars Can Still Burn Rubber Today

    As a child, what was your dream commuter car? Was it muscle car, or a luxury car that aged like a fine wine? Unfortunately, as cars age, most they lose their reliability. Some classics have managed to weather the test of time and can still be seen on the road in large numbers. If an all-time classic automobile is what you want to get behind the wheel of today, then you need to know which ones you can trust. These are the best classic automobiles that you can still drive today without any worries!

    You won’t believe what VW is still hitting the beach today!

    The Beetle Is Cheap To Fix

    We’re starting this list off easy with the Volkswagen Beetle; one of the most unique looking cars ever made. The Beetle is a simple car. It doesn’t come with too many extra features and it’s easy and cheap to fix in a pinch.

    If you want to own a Beetle, they can be found for sale with low mileage at a low cost. Maintenance is the key to keeping it running, although any experienced owner can tell you most repairs can be done at home with a few tools you probably have laying around.

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    68 Special Marriage Proposals That Will Melt Your Heart


    Marriage is a beautiful bond between two loving people. It is a bond that they vow not to break for their entire life. If you’re planning on proposing your boyfriend or girlfriend and looking for some inspiration, you should definitely have a look at these beautiful proposals. We strongly recommend you to take out your tissue box before going further 🙂

    If you and your girlfriend are traveling enthusiasts, then finding a special place to bend down on the knees can be a bit difficult. After all, many people propose on historical and unique sites and you want to make it special.

    This guy proposed his girlfriend of 6 years inside the world’s biggest cave. He had to bend down on his knees to ask her, “will you marry me?” and she instantly said, “Yes.”

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