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    After his mistress puts a hurtful word on his copy, his father takes matters into his own hands

    One day, Kamdyn Pilandun , a young student, came home from school in tears. When his father, Chris, wanted to know what the problem was, he showed him an assignment he had not completed. A note had been scrawled at the top of the page: “Absolutely pathetic! He answered 13 in 3 min! Sad ! Chris realized that the teacher, Ms Bohenek , had called her son pathetic, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. What he did next was surprising …

    Negative feedback

    When Kamdyn Piland came home with tears in his eyes and completely depressed, his parents asked him what was wrong. The grade 2 student shrugged, apparently he didn’t want to talk about it.

    But her parents persisted, they wanted to know what the problem was. At first, they believed he had a fight with one of his colleagues. Finally, the teary-eyed youth pulled a copy of his schoolwork out of his bag. Her teacher criticized her work very aggressively. The criticism seemed to be a personal attack on the youngster. Her father decided to do something about it. Read on to find out how he reacted.

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    Match on a dating app: 23-year-old woman moves in with her boss

    A love story began between two people who had no idea they would become so close. You’d think it couldn’t happen because of the age difference, but that wasn’t the case. A 58-year-old Texas CFO resigned after meeting an employee 36 years younger than him on Tinder. After meeting her on a dating app in 2018, Rick decided to pursue her further. Rick was working as the CFO for a surveying company at the time.

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    Five-year-old goes to the police with a sign around his neck – that moved the officers to tears!

    Unlike employees in other professions, police officers never know what to expect from a typical working day. Some shifts are calm while others are full of action, danger, or excitement. It all depends on what happens in each jurisdiction and who chooses 9-1-1. Things can change quickly without warning, and given all the possible things that can happen, police officers need to be prepared for anything.

    This is especially true in places like Charlotte, where there is a larger population and the hustle and bustle of a big city. But even the most experienced officers weren’t ready for what they saw when a 5 year old boy walked into their turf with a sign around his neck. This is a story that will truly inspire anyone reading it, as the little boy showed us so much love and positivity that melted the hearts of so many around the world.

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    Hugh Hefner and the mysterious Playboy mansion

    Hugh Hefner passed away towards the end of 2017, at the age of 91. He is fondly remembered for his eccentric personality as well as his very famous Playboy mansion where he hosted all the Playboy models and big parties in American show business.

    The businessman left behind a significant legacy: The Playboy mansion. The house is a very mysterious mansion where many incidents have happened – both good and bad. In the 70s for example, when Hefner started the business and decided to surround himself with “playmates” in his mansion in Chicago, his assistant was accused of distributing drugs in the mansion and ended up committing suicide. She never wanted to testify against her boss, so she killed herself in a hotel room. 

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    Dior’s favorite muse for 2018? Natalie Portman of course!

    Natalie Portman was all the rage after the advertisement for the Miss Dior perfume, which attracted more than 73 million views on the internet. But this is not all from the Dior model. The actress, who has appeared in many films, sees herself as the face of the Dior brand. She seems to have more than one arrow to her bow as she has featured in a wide range of films. She has made her place in the world of beauty and is not ready to leave it!

    Miss Dior perfumes

    You’ve probably all seen the advertisement for the Miss Dior perfume where the actress throws herself from the top of a pontoon, wondering what she would do for love? With Sia’s “Chandelier” music playing in the background, there’s no way you missed it! Well the actress does it again, this time with an advertisement for a foundation from the same brand: Dior.

    Dior foundation

    The 36-year-old actress is the new face for the Diorskin Forever Undercover ad, and she plays her role wonderfully! By simply watching the ad, you already want to have the same complexion as her. She manages to charm her audience again thanks to her natural-looking complexion and candid pouts.


    A multitasking woman

    Portman, who is also the spokesperson for the Time’s Up movement, continues to produce films while remaining the darling of Dior and its products. She has been participating in their advertisements for a few years now and remains one of the most beautiful actresses to have represented the brand. Since 2010, Natalie has remained to be the face of Dior. Whether she’s modelling for lipstick, foundation or even perfume, the actress knows how to do it all. She proved this through and a nice mini-film and a photo shoot that she did for an advertising campaign for the Dior brand.

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    The 4 actors who best embodied James Bond in cinema

    Ian Fleming’s time on the screen is one to be remembered. He had a style of his own, chic and understated, and always sure of himself. Few men have had the chance to portray this role in the movies, and the actors who have been able to play this role have all brought their style and class to the chicest spy of all time. Here are the actors who had the honour of playing James Bond in the cinema.

    1. Sean Connery

    He is the first to have played the character of James Bond. For a whole generation, he will remain the best actor to have portrayed the English spy. The charm and virility of the actor allowed him to embody the character that is James Bond. It was a role that propelled him into notoriety because Sean Connery was not as well known at the time. This role opened his doors to the world of cinema. He starred in a total 6 films in which he played the British spy.

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    Death of Jean-Luc Delarue: 6 years later, the strange inconsistency raised by his father

    Six years have passed since the death of Jean-Luc Delarue, but his family and loved ones are yet to come to terms with his death. There are still numerous unanswered questions surrounding his death. Jean-Luc Delarue’s father always highlights certain aspects that he considers inconsistent. These questions are still trotting in his mind and he hopes to find answers.

    Cancer got the better of Jean-Luc Delarue. The man passed on August 23, 2012 after fighting his illness like a warrior. His demise hurt his fans almost as much as his family. Today, the family of Jean-Luc Delarue is still in total disarray given the painful loss they had to endure.

    Post-mortem mail; an unresolved question

    Jean-Claude Delarue, the star’s father, is still plagued with many questions. According to this father who cannot accept the departure of his son, the enigma is still unresolved. The man declares: “My son Jean-Luc Delarue would have been 54 years old today. Almost 6 years after his death, I do not know how he managed to die in the morning and send two abusive emails in the afternoon” . Below is the statement that Jean-Claude Delarue posted on Twitter.

    His father is pained by the conflict which came about after his son’s death. In simpler terms, some of Jean-Luc Delarue’s relatives have argued over the legacy left by the man. These conflicts are always on his mind as most of the parties are still unsatisfied.

    Today, the truth is still a mystery. Following the reactions of Jean-Luc Delarue’s father, doubt has plagued all of France. What really happened? Surviving cancer is a difficult feat, but when you have a fighting spirit, you can always get by, and Jean-Luc was a real fighter at heart.

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    Adriana Karembeu mother at 46: her chances of having a child were almost zero

    The birth of Nina, a miraculous turnaround for the life of Adriana Karembeu, now 46 years old.

    Adriana Karembeu, the ex-wife of footballer Christian Karembeu, announced her pregnancy last June. She made this statement in a wave of intense emotion because she had always wanted to have a child, especially a girl. The little girl of her dreams came into the world in perfect health and she named her Nina. The birth was a real miracle for Adriana Karembeu who is currently 46 years old.

    Nina’s father is none other than businessman Aram Ohanian. He has been married to Adriana Karembeu since 2014 and they have been waiting for this birth for a long time, especially given the many uncertainties they have faced. Adriana has had to undergo several IVF and unsuccessful miscarriages. In 2016, she miscarried when seven weeks pregnant, but despite these unfortunate events, she never gave up.

    Even as she was waiting to get pregnant, the doctors had no hope. Adriana made this statement during her appearance on the program Sept à Huit, broadcast on TF1. The gynaecologist who was taking care of her told her that her chances of getting pregnant were minimal. Adriana did not expect such an announcement.

    By this time, she had very little hope that she could get pregnant. So she saw this pregnancy as a real miracle. However, she was worried about the age difference with her child. The couple had raised the issue on several occasions. They knew that they would not be there for their child as long as they would like. But they ended up putting things into perspective because misfortune always happens without warning, including to young parents.

    Today, she just wants to wrap her child in love. As a loving mother, Adriana asserts that each person has their destiny. She was raised by parents who were rather young. However, she still felt that she was not loved enough by her father. In fact, this period of her life traumatised her. She says it would have been better for her to be raised by an older, more caring father. Of course, kindness is not a question of age, but we are now in a better position to understand her sentiments.

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    Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni: vacation in Turkey with their daughter Giulia

    After a year of touring to promote her album “French Touch”, Carla Bruni has taken a little break. Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni and their daughter Giulia have decided to spend the summer in Turkey.

    The Sarkozy family vacations in the most beautiful places in Turkey. Accompanied by his wife and daughter, Nicolas Sarkozy spent his summer holidays on the beaches of Turkey. Carla Bruni took this time to relax, especially after the tumult of her “French Touch Tour”. The singer’s Instagram followers also had the chance to scroll through the beautiful images of Turkey. In this relaxed “state of mind”, Carla Bruni publishes a photo showing her tanned legs, a book by Albert Camus, and a beautiful costal landscape. The caption of his photo reads: “Happy holidays to all! … Reading, rest, Mediterranean, umbrella pines, sublime Turkey”.

    The paparazzi also did not fail to take some pictures of the family in Bodrum, a resort town in southwestern Turkey, bordered by the Aegean Sea. On board their inflatable boat, the little family is certainly getting ready for a nice trip to sea. In most of the photos, we see Giulia from behind, with her beautiful, long blond hair and her pink hat.

    These holidays have been filled with wonderful photos from the Sarkozy family. On Tuesday August 21, the former first lady posted a beautiful and moving photo of her husband and daughter. The publication was ephemeral, the message it conveyed is quite different. Thus, Carla Bruni commented on her photo by writing “Father and daughter”. T o underline the moment of emotion , she added a heart to her comment.

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    George Clooney, the highest paid actor on the planet, thanks to Tequila

    Forbes recently unveiled its ranking of the richest men in Hollywood. And to our surprise, we realised that Dwayne Johnson, who dominated the rankings in 2017, has now been dethroned by George Clooney. In 2018, George Clooney was reportedly worth $239 million. This made him the highest paid actor in the world. Most of his money actually comes from his tequila business, whose turnover is on a rise. Of his total net worth, nearly 233 million dollars came from his tequila business while his cinematographic achievements brought him just six million. This testifies to the success of his activities in the company.

    The richest players in the ranking

    George Clooney derived more than 95% of his income from his successful commercial activities. This allowed him to climb to the top of the ranking. Following him in second place was Dwayne Johnson, who was reportedly worth more than a hundred million.

    In third and fourth place, we had Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hermsworth, respectively. It seems that Avengers not only save the world, but are also careful to save their pockets. The fifth and sixth places went to two exceptional actors, Jackie Chan and Will Smith, respectively. These men are the richest in the film industry. Their personal fortune is far greater than that of the world’s highest-paid actress, Scarlett Johnson.

    A remarkable difference between men and women

    There are notable income inequalities based on gender. Already, the six highest paid actors in the world have higher incomes than the highest paid actress.

    It should come as no surprise then to see that the personal fortunes of the ten richest actresses are very far from those of the ten richest actors. It is a s if men earn much more than women in this area. The most amazing is the case of Clooney, who is ranked as the richest actor in the world without playing in a single film. Owner of Nespresso and his Tequila company, he has no trouble filling his pockets. Nonetheless, we cannot forget the imposing Dwayne Johnson, who is still very active. Since the success of Jumanji, he has made hundreds of millions. Although his income mainly comes cinema, he has numerous partnerships and his popularity on the internet allows him to pocket a lot of money.

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    End clap for the series; The Big Bang Theory

    “The Big Bang Theory”, whose success is indisputable, ended in the spring of 2019, after 12 seasons. The series follows the daily life of young Sheldon Copper, gifted in physics, and his scientific friends. The twelfth season will air from September 24 on the US channel CBS and will end in May. It will have 279 episodes. The Big Bang Theory is one of the oldest series today.

    A creative and striking ending

    The actors, the writers and the crew in general, are extremely satisfied with the success of the series; that’s why they decided to give us a twelfth and final season. The goal of this season is to end the series in a creative and spectacular way. It is important to know that the series had over 20 million viewers in the United States alone for season 9 and almost 19 million viewers for the final season.

    The series began airing in 2017. And the French version is presented regularly on Canal + Séries and NRJ simultaneously. The American series has managed to establish itself as one of the most watched series in the world. The penultimate season broadcast drew more than 19 million viewers per episode. This places The Big Bang Theory as the second most watched series of the 2017/2018 season. The show had a large following1, this is undoubtedly what motivated the American channel to propose a twelfth season.

    It had to end someday

    Yep, it’s time to say goodbye to Sheldon and his gang of Pasadena scientists. Although Warner Bros.TV and CBS had started discussions for a new season, the American series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ came to an end with its twelfth season. The season began on September 24 in the United States and ended in May 2019. The series now has 279 episodes in total. It is also the longest series in the history of television in the United States.

    Chuck Lorre Productions, Warner Bros TV and CBS just made a statement via the official ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Twitter account. “This is a thank you to the fans and their loyalty throughout the 12 seasons. The cast, crew, writers and producers are grateful for the success of the series and look forward to a 12th season and a memorable, synthetic conclusion to the series. The series has been a favourite among many young people and has been a source of inspiration for some.” In addition to being totally funny, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has allowed viewers to learn a lot about science.

    The Big Bang Theory has managed, in just 11 years, to win numerous distinctions (10 Emmy Awards, out of 52 nominations). Unfortunately, the show has never gotten the title of best comedy series.

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    Death of Tom Diversy: A tribute made by his friends from the reality TV show

    He has participated in several reality TV shows, including The Villa, 10 perfect couples and the battle of couples. Tom Diversy, the reality TV actor, passed away at the age of 24 following a terrible car accident in the city of Nice. As soon as the news of his death was released, all of his close friends, reality TV comrades and family members were overcome with sadness. His agent, Magali Berdah, described him as a man who loved to smile and who was endowed with a great benevolence which will remain forever engraved in the hearts of all the people who frequented him. He was known by those close to him as a man with a beautiful soul. What is certain is that everyone who knew him will remember him as someone who had a great personality.

    Tributes from his reality TV colleagues

    The announcement of the death of Tom Diversy has caused much sadness, especially among his colleagues in the reality TV show. Each of the stars expressed their sadness at this terrible news. The production team of the first reality TV show in which he participated offered their most sincere condolences to the bereaved family. They also mentioned that Tom was an extremely cheerful person and that he would be fondly remembered. Eventually, it was Alexia Laroche-Joubert’s turn to eulogise the death of the one she met thanks to the reality show, ’10 perfect couples’. She, who had lost her late husband in an accident similar to Tom’s, wanted to show all her affection towards the grieving family. The ’10 Perfect Couples’ host also said a few words to pay tribute to Tom Diversy. Referring to his unforgettable smile,

    Many saddened people

    The reality TV protagonist also took part in the filming of Princes and Princesses of Love and Friends. The production companies of the two reality TV shows were deeply saddened by his passing and also offered their condolences to the grieving family. In every reality TV cast he’s been to, he’s been portrayed as a kind, lovable, easy-going man. The NRJ 12 and W9 channels did not fail to pay tribute to him through social media. He had participated in the filming of La Villa, the battle of the couples, a reality TV show that aired on TFX. He had participated in this casting with his girlfriend Hagda Prata. As soon as the death was announced, the production quickly offered its condolences to all of Tom’s relatives through the TF1 channel. 

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