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    Here Are 2019’s Top Dog Breeds For Seniors

    Dogs are definitely man’s best friend and having a friendly canine can bring so much joy into your home. People of all ages can benefit from owning their own pet dog including senior members of the family. Dogs can be a loving and loyal companion for senior people especially those who live by themselves. Caring for a dog is also a great way to provide a sense of purpose to older people. While dogs are great pets for older people, it is important to take note that only certain breeds are perfect for senior fur parents. So here is a list of the best dog breeds for seniors.


    Who doesn’t know Snoopy? Beagles are very famous dog breeds and they are well-loved for their personality and utility. They have the strongest sense of smell among other types of dogs thus making them excellent for hunting and tracking. In fact, they were bred for such purpose. Although they are bred for hunting, they are very gentle and friendly. They are great for seniors because they are very affectionate, and they do not require excessive physical activities thus making them perfect for seniors who are no longer that physically active.

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    Pit Bull and Her Best Friend Didn’t Agree to Be Separated from Shelter

    Everyone knows that a dog is a man’s best friend. Canine companions are known for their steadfast love and incredible loyalty. A dog will do anything to protect his master and history has shown us that this has happened again and again. However, humans aren’t the only species a dog can bond so firmly with. Today, we’re looking at the incredible story of two pups who formed an unbreakable connection. It’s a heartwarming story that we could all learn something from.

    For most people, a pit bull is a scary dog, one that is unlikely to become best friends with something as small and yappy as a Chihuahua, but in this true life story of best friends, that thought is proven wrong. In fact, these two dogs have a bond that no one can ever understand. Their special friendship is something that has shaped their lives in unimaginable ways! When the shelter they were both living in decided to look for a home for the sweet little pit bull, she showed them in an unmistakable way that she would not ever abandon her tiny friend.

    The Odd Couple

    It was October, 2014, when Merrill, a female pit bull terrier, and Taco, her male Chihuahua companion, were turned in to the Rocket Dog Rescue shelter. Their owner was the one to drop them off at the San Francisco animal shelter, though no one knows exactly why. It didn’t take long though for the shelter staff to notice that these were no ordinary abandoned dogs. They’d obviously grown up together and had a bond that surprised even the staff at the shelter.

    Despite attempts to separate them, the two dogs refused to be apart. It quickly became obvious that they should be adopted together and staff set about trying to find a home that would take both pit bull and Chihuahua. That proved to be nearly impossible and it soon seemed as though these two best friends would need to be separated in order to find them good homes.

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    Rare Historical Vietnam War Photos

    The Vietnam War occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from November 1, 1955 to the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975. There was turmoil abroad and protest on the homefront.

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961)

    President Eisenhower preparing to address the nation in his iconic “Farewell Address.” January 17th, 1961

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    Missing Six-Year-Old Boy Found After 22 Hours, But He Wasn’t Alone

    To have a child go missing is a parent’s worst fear. That’s why when one little boy, only six years old, disappeared from his home in Tennessee, his parents went through pure agony. Their entire community was shaken to its core and did everything it could to help find the young boy. Even the military deployed a Black Hawk helicopter as part of the search! They feared his was all alone in the woods, a dangerous place for a little boy to be all alone. After 22 hours, the boy suddenly walked out of the woods, but he wasn’t alone! Read here to find out what was really going on while search crews were racing against time to find him.

    Every Parent’s Nightmare

    Hailing from a small community called Top of the World, situated in Blount County, Tennessee, Kaydon’s parents allowed him to play alone outside as long as he didn’t veer away from his home or wander too far off without permission.

    However, on the evening of Monday April 23, 2018, Kaydon’s parents grew extremely concerned when their son wasn’t back home by 6 p.m. They had no doubt he had enjoyed himself playing outside as he usually did, but by the time evening came round, it was no longer fun and games for them.

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    Mother Is Concerned When Daughter Returns From Preschool Hungry

    When it comes to the lunches that parents send their kids to school with, though, should schools be able to decide what is included and what has to stay at home? Many would say that no, it’s overstepping the school’s boundaries if teachers are able to say what parents want to feed their kids, even if it is on school grounds. At the heart of this debate, a situation occurred in Colorado that would ignite passionate opinions on all sides. It all started when one mother packed her daughter a seemingly healthy lunch. What would follow would be a full-scale controversy that swept from issues such as nutrition and healthiness to how teachers should address concerns with parents.

    Coming Home Hungry

    Leeza Pearson was having an average day when her daughter came home from preschool very hungry. This shocked Leeza, who sent young Natalee to school with her usual lunch that day. When she looked inside Natalee’s lunch box, she said she found a note that made her quite unhappy.

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    After Seeing Vultures Circling a Puppy In Their Neighbor’s Backyard, They Immediately Helped

    There isn’t enough time in the day to show your appreciation for canines. They are some of the most precious animals on earth and don’t deserve any type of ill-treatment. Even if they don’t have the best behavior, all it takes a little training to get them on track. In 2014, neighbors discovered a dog who was chained up and not receiving the proper care all animals deserve. The situation was so bad that vultures even began to close in on the poor pup waiting for her to die.

    Her name is Lilo, and this is her story.

    The Creatures In The Sky

    It was a normal day on Philips Avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina. Although the weather was gloomy, the neighborhood was its usual, quiet self. As clouds covered the sky, residents noticed the first signs of the leaves beginning to change. But something was slightly off.

    A flock of vultures was looming in the air above a resident’s backyard. But no one knew yet that the birds in the sky were a troubling sign. What exactly were they hovering over and why?

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    Lady Finally Receives Love Letter from Fiancé Lost at War 77 Years Later, Along with a Historic Revelation

    Those families who experienced their loved ones going to war can never truly explain how it felt. Every day they faced the unknown, hoping everyone would come home safely.

    For one woman, the hoping never ended. After 77 years, she still didn’t have the answers she was looking for. Fortunately, a mysterious letter just showed up at her door after decades in the dark, and now this fascinating mystery is unraveling itself to the heartbroken woman.


    Phyllis Ponting was a spritely young woman with a whole life ahead of her. She grew up in Wiltshire, England, and she had all kinds of dreams about how her future would unfold.

    Little did Phyllis know just what was in store for her. Growing up, she was an adventurous girl who was very social and kind. People often flocked to the young woman, both because of her beauty and her personality.

    One man, in particular, was very intrigued. Click ‘Next’!

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    Family Unveils 50-Year-Old Mystery In Their Backyard

    Woodland Hills, California, is a peaceful neighborhood bordering Santa Monica Mountains and Colleen and Chris Otcasek were lucky to have bought a home in such an amazing community. Their real property acquisition began just like any other home purchase but the property had a secret waiting to be unveiled in their backyard.

    Read the story of the Otcaseks as they discover this incredible secret buried for over fifty years. Our favorite slides are #21, #13 and #2!

    #28. Uncommon Feature

    We all love a house with amenities such as a pool, a laundry room, a patio, a playroom, or even an outdoor shed. But little did Colleen and Chris Otcasek know that their newly acquired home had an extremely uncommon amenity waiting for them to uncover it. After all, it had been years since anyone had walked into that particular place.

    It was 2013 when the Otcasek family bought their home in Woodland Hills, California. Before they made their purchase, the realtors told this family that the house included what they called “an unusual feature”. Such a statement would definitely arouse the curiosity of many of us. But what could this odd characteristic have been? Well, it was a large, concrete-lined hole in the property’s backyard.

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    Oops! These Kids Accidentally Revealed Their Parents’ Secrets With Their Hilarious Drawings

    In this case, the children were more likely to be exposed and their parents might be more likely to stay away from the public eye. This list includes some of the most hilarious kids’ drawings ever!

    Mom Transformation

    There is really no better way to get by than you by your children who see you at your worst and your best. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that you’re always watching. This photo is one hilarious example of that. The mom’s transformation is particularly well documented.

    From how mom looks when she wakes up in her hair and looks she’s going to look like that. We think this tiny critic could have a future in comedy one day.

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    The First Meet of Babies and Dogs are Simply Too Cute to Handle

    There is no doubt that bringing a newborn baby to your home where your pets also live is stressful. The long-anticipated first meet is something everyone is afraid of, because parents want the pets to be comfortable around children, and also give comfort to the kids to be around the pets. Most dogs react very positively to kids and they want to take care of them as well, so there is a good chance for amazing moments. Let’s check out the pictures of the first moments of newborn babies and dogs!

    What Does It Do?

    Oh, what confusion! This dog seems very unsure of what this bundle of joy is, and what will it do? The dog looks like he is thinking why was it necessary to have a baby or is it a joke. Of course, a newborn baby is not really a good playmate for the dog.

    Don’t worry, the dog will come around and in no time the baby will play with the dog all the time. Just imagine all the shared treats and big cuddles! This dog will have the best time around the child in no time.

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    The 4 Sisters Took Photos Every Year For 40 Years, You Won’t Believe What Happened To Them

    In 1975, Nicholas Nixon began a series of annual photographs of four sisters that have spanned 43 years of their lives – to date. Although married to one sister, Bebe, Nixon’s series is more than a record for the family album. The black and white photograph collection has been exhibited in many galleries and museums and published as a book.

    The photos offer an insight into how we age and wear life experiences in our physicality, along with the closeness siblings can have. Interviews with Nixon give a further glimpse of the process. While the poses and the location vary a little from year to year, the left to right position of each of the sisters is always the same.


    The Brown sisters in 1975, New Canaan, Connecticut. From left to right is Heather aged 23, Mimi aged 15, Bebe aged 25 and Laurie aged 21. The sisters lined up and Nixon has said they liked it and found it refreshing because it was different from the traditional family line up from youngest to oldest – and being expected to smile!

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    Amazing New Cross-breeds That You Have To See To Believe

    If you are ever planning on getting a dog, maybe you can go for a mixed breed. There have been mixed reactions regarding owning mixed breeds. While some people say that mixed breeds are unpredictable in terms of their temperament, what most people don’t know is that they are also smart, affectionate, and adorable just like pure breeds. Moreover, the mixing of genetic information also makes them statistically healthier compared to their purebred counterparts. So if mixed breeds are up your alley, below you will find 44 examples of designer mixed breeds ranging from adorable to weird to downright wrong.

    Pitsky (Pit Bull And Husky)

    The Pitsky showcases the strongest traits of each of its parents. It has the bright colored eyes and high level of energy of its husky parent and the boxier frame of its Pitbull lineage. Although it is not as attractive as either of its parents, the Pitsky is an adorable dog to own. A Pitsky is a mixture of a Pit Bull and a Husky. This dog is loyal to the hilt but very difficult to train because it got its strong temperament from its Pitbull parent.

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