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Welcome to Soolide, your top source for the latest news and tips on fitness, health, lifestyle, nutrition and sports. Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date information, motivating stories, and expert advice to help you live an active, healthy life.


At Soolide, we cover a wide range of topics related to wellness and athletics. Look to us for workout routines, healthy recipes, mental health strategies, sports medicine insights and more. We'll keep you informed on emerging fitness trends and technologies so you can make the best choices for your personal fitness journey. Check in daily to get your dose of motivation from our inspiring athlete profiles and interviews.


Our team of writers includes trainers, nutritionists, and health journalists who provide practical, trustworthy content. Whether you're looking to get off the couch and hit the gym, train for your first marathon, or fuel your body with nutritious foods, we've got you covered. We also provide the latest news, scores and updates on all the major professional and college sports leagues to keep sports fans in the know.


Soolide aims to empower you to live a fulfilling, active life at every age and skill level. So bookmark our site, subscribe to our newsletters, and engage with our sports community. We regularly publish new workouts, healthy recipes, wellness advice and more. Together, we can achieve a healthy body, sharp mind and positive spirit. Are you ready to unlock your athletic potential and upgrade your lifestyle? Let Soolide be your personal guide to better health and fitness.


Highlighted  Writers


Justine Mann is a passionate 30 year old writer who joined our team in 2021. With marketing experience and a knack for engaging audiences, Justine creates compelling content on technology, digital media, and influencer strategies. Her enthusiasm and lively voice shine through in every piece. We're thrilled to have Justine and her love of writing as part of our talented team.


Kailyn Beatty is a creative 25 year old writer who joined us in 2022. Her background in journalism gives her articles on business, finance, and economic trends a polished yet approachable style. Always looking to innovate, Kailyn brings a fresh perspective to every piece. When she's not writing, she can be found cooking, reading, or planning her next trip. We're excited to have Kailyn's talent and passion on our team.


Blanche Ullrich is a passionate 20 year old writer who joined our team in 2022. With a love of language and storytelling, Blanche crafts engaging profiles and interviews with influencers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Her curiosity and attention to detail shine through in each article. When she's not writing, Blanche enjoys painting, yoga, and live music. We're delighted to have Blanche's creativity and voice on our talented team of writers.


Jesus Collier is an insightful 50 year old writer who joined our team in 2020. With experience as an editor and journalist, Jesus brings a critical eye to his tech reviews and news analysis articles. Always on top of the latest industry developments, Ike's pieces are thoroughly researched and thoughtfully written. Outside of work, he enjoys playing guitar, hiking, and afternoon tea. We're fortunate to have Jesus's expertise and dedication on our writing staff.


Nina Legros is a passionate 25 year old writer who joined our team in 2021. With a background in creative writing, Nina crafts immersive feature stories on culture, art, and design trends. Her vivid storytelling transports readers, while still being informative. When she's not writing, Nina enjoys photography, yoga, and volunteering. We're excited to have Nina's flair for writing and nuanced perspective on our diverse team

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